MLB Off Season Training Begins at Legacy Fit

As the World Series came to a dramatic close, Major League Baseball players have begun off season strength and conditioning training at professional training facilities across the country. Miami's Legacy Fit, founded by pro athlete trainer, Manning Sumner, is seeing its share of MLB players.

Major League Baseball, America's game, has completed its season with an incredible and historical World Series, pitting the century dry Chicago Cubs against the Cleveland Indians, void of a MLB Championship for over six decades. Never in MLB history has the coveted Championship been a battle of teams so long out of the running. The Cubs last won the series in 1908, whereas, the Indians took the trophy in 1948 but not since. For the first time in 108 years, the Chicago Cubs are the World Series Champions.

The World Series marks the end of the season for all of the MLB and many top tier players head to Miami for off season strength and conditioning training with Manning Sumner, renowned pro athlete trainer and founder of Legacy Fit, Miami’s top bootcamp gym and pro athlete training facility.

“We’re just getting started on MLB training this week,” Sumner offered. “Some of the guys are taking a little time off after the season before they get back to business. I don't blame them.”

Known as an “all business” trainer, Sumner is the trainer of choice for many athletes in an array of professional sports. A former linebacker and fullback at Auburn University, Sumner created Legacy Fit as a professional level training facility, modeling the gym after the collegiate and pro facilities at which he trained as a NCAA football player.

“Legacy Fit is an NFL level facility,” the chiseled trainer explained. “But when it comes to strength and conditioning, it is ideal for any athlete, from any sport. The sport doesn’t matter, really. These athletes want to stay in game shape during the off season no matter what the game. Legacy Fit and I can help them make that happen.”

Influential in the comeback of several pro athletes from potentially career ending injuries, Sumner has gained the reputation as a compassionate and driven trainer.

“As a trainer to athletes at the professional level,” continued Sumner. “I can only lead them and direct them. It’s the desire within their own hearts that drives them to be the athletes they are. Coming back from an injury is a true test of just how bad they want it.”

Sumner has been fortunate to work with the likes of Golden State Warrior, Shaun Livingston following a devastating leg injury that nearly ended the NBA star's career. Livingston later became the sixth man on the 2015 World Champion team. Miami Dolphins Offensive lineman, Brandon Albert is another shining example of rehabilitation and rebounding from an injury that would end the career of lesser athletes.

“Brandon is a beast,” commented Sumner. “He came to me after a knee injury that sidelined him completely. After he was released to train by his doctors, he showed up ready to get right back into it. Shaun was very much the same. These guys are the kind of athletes that don’t let even their own bodies keep them from the sport they love.”

Welcoming a slew of MLB players to Miami and Legacy Fit over the next week or two, Sumner anticipates a busy winter.

“Matt Kemp of the Braves has already shown up,” Sumner said. “And we started two-a- days right away. He’s an incredible athlete and has the kind of passion for baseball that will keep him in the game for years to come.”

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