Mitchell Group's Beauty Brand Launches "New" OMIC Light Eyes

Discoloration of the eye area affects many consumers from time to time. Dark circles can persist as a long term skincare concern, sometimes as a result of an illness, but often as a result of allergies, inadequate sleep, and even heredity.

OMIC Light Eyes contains Actiwhite, a new skin lightener known for its optimal lightening results. It has an excellent skin tolerance and provides safe, long term use without irritation.

Everyone is prone to getting dark circles under their eyes from time to time from a lack of rest, allergies, illness, and even from heredity. Finally, there is a powerful eye contour treatment that is specifically formulated to treat the fragile eye area in a way many other treatments fail to do. The Mitchell Group's Beauty Brand has launched "new" OMIC Light Eyes which has wrinkle fighting peptides specifically formulated with a synergistic blend of powerful anti-aging peptides which are preservative and fragrance free.

OMIC Light Eyes is a refreshing gel that feels cooling and comforting as it's dabbed onto the delicate eye area. It then immediately goes to work to diminish dark circles, reduces puffiness, boost under eye circulation and minimizes fine lines. Because of the specialized Actiwhite ingredient, this formula tightens skin and offers a high capacity to decrease melanogenesis, which is the process responsible for the creation of melanin, the dark pigment that gives the skin color.

Along with the superb results offered by the Actiwhite ingredient in OMIC Light Eyes, there are two other potent ingredients that go right to work to strengthen capillaries to prevent leakage of blood into the under eye area. These two anti-oxidant peptides Haloxl and Eyeseryl also thicken the skin under the eyes and boosts the circulation to achieve an overall lighter effect on dark circles and provides hydration for a more youthful appearance. Another key ingredient in this safe and effective skincare treatment is a powerful wrinkle fighting anti-inflammatory called Lipoic Acid. This ingredient decongests the under eye area to reduce puffiness and wrinkles and offers a more rested appearance.

Other ingredients that make the OMIC Light Eyes a premium skincare treatment include antioxidants such as Vitamins E and C that aid in regenerating new skin cells to help tone, firm and restore delicate skin under the eyes. For the best results, dab on once in the morning and once at night.

About Mitchell Group:
The Mitchell Group’s laboratory facilities are located in Switzerland, Lebanon and France. As a leading topical cosmetic manufacturer, Mitchell Group develops skincare products designed to safely and expertly address a variety of skin care concerns. Cutting edge formulations created from ongoing research promote and produce healthy skin. All products are rigorously tested with clinical and laboratory trials to insure its effectiveness and consumer safety.

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