Mirrorless Camera Revolutionizes Travel Photography

Expert travel photographer Adrago Santiago demonstrates why travel enthusiasts from around the world consider upgrading to mirrorless travel cameras.

Adrago Santiago - an Alberta based travel photographer - recently spoke at a digital nomad summit in Bankok, Thailand about what it takes to excel at photography. Specifically travel photography.

"My first rule for travel is to enjoy the scenery. It is hard to enjoy something if you're rushing through it" Santiago said. "By taking my time, I not only get to truly enjoy myself, I manage to find those rare picture-perfect opportunities to snap a few shots!"

Santiago went on to explain how people pride themselves in having been to a hundred places in ten days, but how - overtime - such memories become worthless simply because they all get blurred together. "The secret to beautiful long lasting travel memories are beautiful pictures" he said.

"Many serial travelers only take their mobile phones along - thinking they can snap decent pictures with them. With the way mobile cameras have advanced in the last few years, you truly can take decent pictures" Santiago said, "but to take exceptional pictures you will need better equipment."

He then showed a few pictures of the exact same scenery, taken with an iPhone camera, as well as a midrange DSLR camera, and a mirrorless travel camera. He showed how - by itself - the iPhone picture looked pretty good. Once he added the DSLR picture of the same scenery next to it though, the iPhone picture just wasn't up to par anymore.

"Now watch this" Santiago said as he unveiled the third picture. "This picture - although taken of the same scenery - was taken with a mirrorless travel camera. You see the difference?"

"The average person will settle for a cellphone picture" Santiago continued, "but the average person isn't competing for an audience like most of you are. Others think the DSLR is the way to go and - traditionally speaking - DSLRs are a good choice. The best choice for travel however - as I just showed you - is a mirrorless travel camera by far."

Aside from mirrorless travel cameras taking better outdoor pictures, Santiago explained how the cameras tend to be lighter and smaller in size as well - making them more ideal for travel than DSLR cameras or mobile cameras.

"Mirrorless travel cameras not only revolutionized travel photography or even outdoor photography for that matter, they revolutionized photography!"

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