Mirror Mirror Announces New Eyelash Curler That Delivers Professional Results

Mirror Mirror launches professional eyelash curlers and unique beauty tools now available to customers through Amazon.com.

Writing for the online magazine Beautylish.com, Columnist Stella Rose Saint Clair advises her readers on the advantages of using an eyelash curler. In her article, "Eyelash Curlers: Pro Tips On Shopping For The Perfect Tool" Ms. Saint Clair writes, "When used properly, nothing tops the benefits of a good eyelash curler for opening up and providing beauty to the eye region of the face."

Stella Rose Saint Clair adds, "Never overlook the use of an eyelash curler when designing your eye makeup for a day or evening look. Along with brushes, sponges and other cosmetic equipment, the eye lash curler should always be a prime member of your daily beauty regime."

Meeting the needs of consumers who wish to apply their eye-makeup with the same skill as a professional makeup artist, is the Mirror Mirror company. Mirror Mirror spokesperson Mark Wallace describes their mission in the world of cosmetics. "We make it our duty to provide the latest and most advanced professional beauty tools to our customers around the world. Through our association with Amazon.com, our unique online shop offers consumers a wide assortment of cosmetic tools at affordable prices. This includes our line of light-up mirrors, hair dressing tools and in particular, our professional eyelash curler sets."

Mark Wallace elaborates, "Our best eyelash curler offers a simple and safe way to curl your eyelashes. Our professional eyelash curlers have been designed to provide a special 'controlled force' that can dramatically curl even the shortest eyelashes. With this feature, eyelashes that have been curled have the ability to last throughout the day. Our eyelash curlers also work with all shapes and sizes of eyes, leaving no single eyelash uncurled for that runway look."

"Additionally, it is compact and is easy to pack for any type of travel. Our eyelash curlers come with their own travel bags and make for great holiday gifts for exactly this reason." Mark adds, "Aiding consumers to feel confident about their purchases from Mirror Mirror, is our Lifetime money back guarantee and speedy shipping options."

Mark Wallace continues, "We are proud to offer consumers this eyelash curler as a part of their beauty ensemble. It provides pinch-free performance and works with any brand of mascara you choose to use. Our customers tell us that with the use of these eyelash curlers, they regularly achieve the same results as that of a professional Hollywood makeup artist. They make a point of buying one for themselves and also for all those they intend to include on their Christmas stocking stuffer list."

About Mirror Mirror:

The Mirror Mirror company offers a wide assortment of beauty and cosmetic products through Amazon.com. Consumers are able to take advantage of such diverse beauty supplies as light up mirror to eyelash curlers, all sold at affordable rates. Along with convenient shipping options, Mirror Mirror is proud to provide their clients with the highest degree of customer service when making their online purchases. This assures their customers of complete satisfaction when buying their products as gifts or to achieve their own beauty goals.

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