Mirror Lake Family Dentistry Launches an Oral Cancer Screening Campaign

Oral cancer will impact more than 45,000 Americans this year, with over 8,600 losing their life to this disease, reports MirrorLakeFamilyDentistry.com

Oral cancer remains of concern in America today, as the survival statistics haven't dramatically increased over the past ten years, although some progress has been made. According to The Oral Cancer Foundation, an estimated 45,750 Americans will receive a diagnosis of oral or pharyngeal cancer in 2015 and more than 8,650 will die. This works out to approximately one person every hour, 24 hours a day. Of those who survive, only a little more than half will live five years or longer. Individuals need to visit a Trusted Dentist in Greenville SC for a complete dental examination and oral cancer screening to ensure this disease is caught early.

The cure rate for oral cancer rises to 90 percent when detected early. Individuals over the age of 40, those who use tobacco of any type, individuals who smoke and consume large amounts of alcohol together and those with prolonged sun exposure are most at risk, yet 25 percent of patients diagnosed don't fall into any of these categories. For this reason, every individual needs a regular dental check-up, one which includes the whole mouth, to detect pre-cancerous or cancerous cells," Dr. William Swinderman, founder of Mirror Lake Family Dentistry, explains.

Cancer symptoms come in many forms. Anyone noticing a tiny red or white sore or spot anywhere in their mouth needs to have it examined. Difficulty in chewing and/or swallowing, moving the tongue or jaw or trouble speaking are all possible signs of oral cancer. When the teeth no longer fit together as they once did or one notices a change in the color of the oral tissues, a dental exam should be scheduled immediately. All are common signs of pre-cancerous or cancerous cells in the oral region.

"Never put off visiting a greenville sc dentist when changes in the oral cavity are noticed. In many cases, the changes can be attributed to something else, yet one can never be too cautious. Individuals with no known risk factors have been known to develop this disease, and regular oral cancer screenings allow problems to be detected before they grow," Dr. Swinderman states.

In addition to conducting an oral cancer screening, the dentist examines the mouth to look for other problem areas. For example, fillings cost a great deal less than a root canal and crown, and one needs to remember this at all times. Thanks to advances in dental treatment, one can have a beautiful smile once again. From dental implants to white fillings, an experienced cosmetic dentist can handle it all, along with oral cancer screenings.

"Oral health is closely linked to one's overall health, as research continues to demonstrate. Schedule regular dental exams to ensure your teeth and gums are as healthy as they can possibly be. This is one checkup that should never be delayed, and Mirror Lake Family Dentistry is ready to assist every patient with all of their dentistry needs," Dr. Swinderman announces.

About Mirror Lake Family Dentistry:

Mirror Lake Family Dentistry remains committed to excellence and providing superior oral health care to all patients. Excellent customer service, personalized patient care and mutual trust are the foundation of every patient-doctor relationship and hallmarks of this practice. The dentistry team uses state-of the art procedures, while always choosing the most conservative option first. Preventative dental care and maintenance plays a large role in this, which is why Mirror Lake Family Dentistry makes this a top priority for everyone.

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