Mirla Sabino’s New Website Charts Her Successes With The Kayla Itsines BBG Workout

Mirla Sabino has recorded her amazing fitness transformation on a new website in order to share the success she experienced through Kayla Itsines’ fitness program, and recommend it to others.

Being overweight is more common than ever in today’s developed world, and the challenge of keeping weight down is constant. For many, a sedentary lifestyle is their greatest enemy, and finding a way to keep active can have transformative results. Mirla Sabino faced a lifetime of overweight living, but transformed her body unrecognisably thanks to the Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide workout. She has now launched a new website to inspire others with details of her progress and the program.

The website offers a detailed personal account of Mirla’s life and upbringing, including the societal pressures she faced, the dietary challenges that life presented her with, and how her personal circumstances led her from bad to worse. It also charts her transformation and successes after discovering the program, and aims to inspire people in a similar position not to lose hope.

The website also has a detailed account of the Kayla Itsines BBG Workout, and offers a detailed analysis of what it includes, what it requires, and how the guide and Kayla herself help set people up for success where other regimes may have failed. She even provides information on the latest discounts and deals available, to help people get the program as affordably as possible.

A spokesperson for MirlaSabino.com explained, “Mirla Sabino is one of many success stories that Kayla Itsines’ program has created, but hers is undoubtedly one of the most relatable. There are millions of women who have lived a life like hers, plagued by the pressures and abuses that come with being overweight over the long term. But just as change is possible for her, she’s blazed a trail and shone a light down the path that others can follow too. Her inspirational story should encourage many more to give the Bikini Body Guide a try.”

About Mirla Sabino: Mirla Sabino is an Italian international student who attended college in the US, and after a lifetime of being overweight, discovered Kayla Itsines’ bikini body guide. Her fitness revolution was undertaken with commitment and passion, and she is now sharing her story, together with details on the program, with anyone seeking inspiration online to transform their body.

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