Mirai Labs Announces the Launch of #mission6

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Mirai Labs Announces the Launch of #mission6

Mirai Labs, the crypto ecosystem that is expediting the building of a sustainable world 3.0, took to Twitter to announce the "#mission6" viral marketing and product plan for the next six months: the results and current business partners were revealed.

By delivering the power of DeFi, NFTs, GameFi, and UX to the next wave of sustainable consumers, investors, entrepreneurs, and brands, Mirai speeds the building of a sustainable world 3.0.

The Mirai Labs platform allows users to shop with crypto and remunerates eco purchases and user participation, through DeFi & NFTs. Users can earn staking rewards by minting real-world eco-friendly products and become green decentralized dropshippers.

Mirai Labs is the Eco Cool Company with an evolutionary attitude towards the world of sustainability.

“We make Ecology cool. Today, we are experimenting with and incubating projects that are positioning themselves in the new Crypto Decade of Ecommerce and Sustainability. Our purpose is to change the approach to Sustainability and challenge the status quo of the Sustainable Market and the Green Economy.”
Says Marco Borgato, CEO & Co-founder of Mirai Labs

The first project of Mirai Labs, Save The Future, has mended a bridge between Crypto and eCommerce to serve as a catalyst for the adoption of sustainable behaviours/products, as well as bolster sustainable brands and their potential consumers. Borgato confirmed that “we built a new DeFi protocol and NFT-empowering dropshipping marketplace built around deflationary tokenomics, gamerfied interactivity, sustainability and community.”

While Mirai reached more than 4300 holders and more than 17000 ecosystem users in its first two weeks of its launch, the Team, as Borgato points out, is very excited about the biggest NFT partnership of 2021:

“We are delighted to be the main crypto sponsor of the biggest world-wide NFT exhibition ever created, happening in Milan this November and powered by Dart Milano and Wrong Theory. We will also partner with the top NFT artists in the space to produce epic NFT art that can spread climate awareness”.

Mirai Labs' dedication and commitment to be the Eco Cool Company with an Evolutionary Approach to Sustainability is further solidified through this partnership.

“Thanks to this agreement and with #mission6, we are ready to take Mirai to the next level” says Alessandro Brunello, CFO and President at Mirai Labs. “Our long-term vision is to become the leading ecosystem to design a 3.0 sustainable future with the strongest community and economic incentives. Save The Future is just the starting point: think about a green eCommerce platform that not only combines the best of Shopify, PancakeSwap & Opensea but also acts as a decentralized Ycombinator for sustainable brands.”

The Mirai community, as Alessandro notes, is captivated with the concept. The platform, which is driven by Mirai Labs and the $MIRAI token, enables users to shop with crypto and rewards eco purchases and user participation via DeFi and NFTs. By minting real-world eco-friendly products, users can farm green NFTs and gain staking incentives.

“The green crypto NFTer and dropshipper will be the next big opportunity. The eco evolution, driven by crypto, is coming and we want to be part of it” says Alessandro.

For more information on Mirai Labs, please visit the Mirai website, Save The Future website and the whitepaper.

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