MINTCHAIN – Super Strong Cloud Mining Mechanism

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Cloud mining is a mechanism to mine a cryptocurrency, using rented cloud computing power and without having to install and directly run the hardware and related software.

Mint Asset GP LLC is officially legalized with a business license registered in the state of Delaware, USA on October 21st, 2015 with business in 4 main areas: Technology Solution, Blockchain, Travel, and Clean Energy.
MINT token was developed by an experienced team composed of entrepreneurs, dApps developers, marketers, leaders, and financial experts. It’s the perfect mix of business and social activities with a clear and concise roadmap to disrupting the world Cryptocurrency. The Mint token was designed with a vision and orientation for the long-term to support large volumes of investors and generate healthy returns for participants.

MINT Token Distribution: MINT is a TRC20/Tronscan token with Total Supply: 1,500,000,000 MINT and Pre-mining: 450,000,000 MINT (30% pre-mining for Dev team, Marketing, Presales, Airdrop, Staking Contract Selling, and Staking Reward & Affiliate Pool).

MintChain’s Ecosystem: The MintChain’s ecosystem is a “Proof of Stake” network, which means that each platform of the Mint network can be linked and used with each other, using the same smart payment method in Mint Tokens. By creating an interconnected network, it will make security easier, and the transfer of information between platforms will become faster, more convenient. MintChain’s to create flow and liquidity for mint. With this ecosystem, the upside potential of mint will be very strong. The ecosystem includes Mint Financial, Mint dApp, Mint Fully Decentralized Wallet, Mint NFT Marketplace, Mint Multi Chain Dex, Mint Travel, Mint Healthy

The power of Mint Token is the transparency in development, distribution, and mining on Tron/TRC20 Smart Contracts:

All mechanisms of stake mining, unstake, the rewards for the affiliate marketing, as well as the benefits of stake nodes and Master nodes are shown on Smart Contract. Investors can start mining, as well as receive rewards through dApp connected to the Tronlink wallet or on Tronscan. Completely Decentralized.

-Staking Reward Halving: Having cycle be calculated from MINT token deploying date with increasing difficulty to create scarcity: First 240 days (8 months): 8%/month , The next 180 days (6 months): 6%/month and After onward: 4%/month onward

-Staking Mechanism: Cycle mining get profit for 360 days and Get 10%/monthly capital refund after 360 days and still get mining rewards on the decreasing capital balance.

-Unstake: With a flexible staking mechanism, stakeholders can trigger to stop staking and withdraw capital at any time with the unstake fee is 20% of the total capital token. Then start to receive 80% of the remaining token for 10 months consecutive, while still get mining rewards on the remaining balance. Unstake fee will be divide: 10% for burning, another 10% will be distributed for all Master Node.

-Staking Nodes: There are no investment package, but it has 2 type of Nodes: Stake Nodes: from $100 to $20.000 and Master Nodes: from $20.000

-Master Nodes Rewards: Staking Reward: 2% of mining rewards output on the total of staking nodes will be shared to all Master Nodes. Unstake Reward: 10% unstake fees from all networks will be shared to all Master Nodes.

-Affiliate Marketing Program: Totally difference from other stake mining projects, MintChain offers many reward opportunities for investors, they not only generate profits for themselves, but also can enjoy rewards from developing the communities, whose participate in mining stake nodes, helping to optimize return on investment.

Mr Biman Das, CTO of MintAsset states: “As you can see our long-term plan with build the strongest BlockChain Ecosystem, Mint token is unlike anything else the BlockChain has seen. It has exceptionally unique Tokenomics, it is developed by experienced and transparent team and it aims to improve currency while holders processing the staking pool. Through the development of new technology Stake Pool and affiliates marketing, MINT Token will become the future currency on earth. The journey will be filled with wins and losses, but loyal members will see a significant on their investment”

In order to create the opportunity to invest and own MINT token with the best price for our accompanying investors in the beginning and boost the development of project in the MintChain Ecosystem, we decided to distribute MINT token through Presales. The Presales MINT token program will be take place from August 19th, 2021 to September 9th, 2021 with the price from $0.01 - $0.02.
We believe that all investors will get a big profit when purchase Mint token on Presales. Cause we already plan to list on exchange right away after Presales end with price start from $0.03.

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Name: Brian Lakes
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Name: Brian Lakes
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Organization: MintAsset