Minimize The Risk Of Bed Bug Infestations

Bed bugs will be looking for shelter this winter. The following advice can help homeowners keep their homes pest-free.

With the coldest months of fall just getting under way, homeowners have turned their air conditioners off, as they shut the windows and take warm sweaters out. The change in weather can lead to an increase in bed bugs hibernating in homes as they don't like the cold weather. This can make dark areas like wood furniture the perfect resting place for bed bugs who can live up to a year without a meal. To ensure that homes stay pest-free all season long, homeowners and those who travel a great deal should use the following advice to minimize the risk of bed bugs getting into the home.

When traveling to hotels, bus stations, train stations and the airport, never put luggage or bags on the floor and don't use the trunks of cabs. A bed bug can crawl into the bottom of a piece of luggage through the seams and hitch a ride home. If the person has to put a bag down, they should make sure its in a plastic chair and not a cloth chair where bed bugs can crawl through fabric in cushions.

If a person is traveling and has to take the train, a flight or bus where there are cloth cushions, they shouldn't put a bag or laptop in the seat if it has cushioned fabric. Instead it should be held in their lap. All outer clothing that was worn while out should be washed, or placed into plastic bags. Seal the bag and sit it in the window on a hot sunny day to kill any bed bugs inside.

At home, homeowners should do a search of the home to confirm that they don't have a pre-existing infestation. This is helpful especially if the person travels a great deal. Search in the linings of curtains, in between seat cushions and in the seams of all mattresses and box springs. Look for spots that would resemble mold. They may be brown or reddish. The homeowner may also see brown or beige insects that are smaller than ticks.

Vacuum cushions, chairs and corners of rooms and check behind furniture. As bed bugs like to hide behind or in dressers, night stands or other kinds of wood furniture, the homeowner may be able to find them. If the homeowner does see the tell tale signs of bed bugs, contact an exterminator right away.

To help the homeowner get rid of bed bugs, contact a bed bug extermination company that can help them to get rid of the pesky critters that if left on their own devices, could otherwise take months to get rid of. To schedule a bed bug inspection, contact Environmental Heat Solutions.

Environmental Heat Solutions
The best approach to getting rid of bed bugs is by hiring an experienced team of professionals who can help. Environmental Heat Solutions specializes in bed bug removal from homes and offices. As experienced exterminators, they have the most innovative techniques for removing bed bug infestations. To schedule an inspection and for more information, go to the website

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