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“This is no recovery, this is a bubble – and it will burst,” says one headline today as major reputable forces within the financial world say a 50% crash in the market should be “expected.”

March 25th, 2014 / The unrest in the Ukraine is just the latest news story causing financial turmoil in U.S. and European markets. Like the Cyprus banking crisis, the shifting markets of China, or the fluctuations in the U.S. markets from concern over jobs, the Ukrainian crisis has experts pulling their hair.

Stocks are down, energy costs are rising, Treasury note & savings account yields are down and they are promised slower growth. Many investors are frustrated by traditional investments, and they are coming to realize that managing their wealth has become another full time job, that they’re not adequately skilled for.

“This is a tough situation for investors. Many investors have worked hard to grow their capital and now want to live life – they want to enjoy it”, says Minesh Bhindi, financial educator. “They have done all the traditional things they are supposed to do, but the world isn’t rewarding them in the way they’d hoped. They want to take vacations with their families and enjoy life, but worrying about their money is where they’re forced to spend their time.”

Mr. Bhindi is a worldwide speaker & coach on investing who started dealing in real estate at 16. He negotiated property deals with developers which he packaged and sold to investors. By 18, he’d done his first real estate deal worth over $1.85 million.

Using the capital from these first sales, he started investing in stocks using the strategies his father taught him to focus on generating a monthly cash-flow with the aim of creating freedom. Soon he was teaching, coaching and speaking onstage around the world with such notables as Sir Richard Branson.

His community, Gold For Life, has helped hundred’s of investors over the last few years learn to manage their capital, to invest efficiently to have the life they wanted when they started working in the first place. Regardless of market fluctuations, his community uses safe, well researched, proven investment strategies to guarantee the stability of their money.

“We do that by teaching [our clients] the same simple investment philosophies used by the super-wealthy”, says Bhindi. He continues “Growing wealth should be simple, and when people apply our Wealth Triangle Philosophy to any asset class, in any wealth cycle, their wealth grows safely. We’ve applied this real estate, the stock market and now Gold & Silver and proven that anyone can do it if they’re willing to learn.”

Robert Kiyosaki agrees, saying, “If you want to be financially-free, you need to become a different person than you are today and let go of whatever has held you back in the past.”

These investment principles Gold For Life teaches include the same cash-flow generation strategies big banks, hedge funds and Billionaires use.

Bhindi explains, “Even if you’ve made every investing mistake in the book, retiring in 5 to 10 years is now possible”. He is rightfully proud of his clients’ success. “Our Gold for Life members’ average monthly ROI is 1% to 2.2%, or about the same as today’s T-bill or average savings account’s annual yield.”

“We help people create a life of freedom, happiness and luxury with proven, well-researched simple investment strategies. So, whether they want to travel the world with family, focus on their spirituality or create a world impacting venture, their capital is secure. Running out of money is no longer a worry because they know their wealth is growing safely. This allows them to cultivate a life of their own using the same strategies used by the super-wealthy.”

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