Mindcology Partners With BetterHelp Promote New Online Solutions For Mental Health Access

Mindcology has partnered with online therapy provider BetterHelp following an official review of the service, to champion accessible therapies utilizing the many benefits of modern technology.

Mindcology has partnered with online therapy provider BetterHelp to promote their online therapy sessions, and help people find more accessible counselling solutions whenever they need them. The partnership was formed after Mindcology was invited to review the service, and found its solution so helpful that they felt more of their readership needed to know about it. This resulted in the official partnership, which will introduce BetterHelp to more people who need it.

The Mindcology review offers a comprehensive insight into the BetterHelp program and how it works. Individuals pay a weekly subscription service to the website, in order to be matched with one of thousands of qualified therapists. Individuals can then have a therapy session when they need it, on their own terms, and from their own home.

The partnership enables Mindcology to help those readers most in need – with quickly assessible, convenient and affordable professional therapy at a fraction of the cost of typical in-person sessions, while retaining the same quality of care. BetterHelp plans start at just $35 dollars a week.

Mindcology was approached by BetterHelp following their review to form an official partnership due to their significant reach within the online mental health community.

A spokesperson for Mindcology explained, “Many of our readers have a fascination with psychology, and many more are also looking for help with a range of psychological conditions. We are pleased to be able to help our readers find a new kind of therapy that can work for them. BetterHelp pairs individuals with a counsellor from a pool of thousands of qualified specialists, in order to give them the specialist best matched to their particular needs and challenges. Our partnership will facilitate better access to mental health care for thousands of users a month. We are proud to be a part of that.”

About Mindcology: Mindcology is an online platform founded in early 2017. The goal of the publication is to provide high-quality articles and videos on the topics of mental health, self-help and the mind-brain connection, from contributors with a background in Psychology. The site is regularly updated by the committed editorial team, in order to provide the latest and best information on psychological wellbeing.

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