Mina Mar Group Re launches Shareholder Advocates Program For OTC Issuers In Peril

Toronto ON / February 28, 2014 / Mina Mar Group, Inc. (MMG) (http://www.minamargroup.com/) is pleased to announce the re launch of the Shareholder Advocates Program (SAP) program. SAP allows shareholders to participate in the restructuring of companies in which they have a vested interest.

Miro Zecevic, CEO of MMG, commented, “Many times investors are left holding the bag in companies that have been administratively abandoned. Our program is structured to bring value back to the effected shareholders and investors. MMG has extensive experience in rehabilitating abandoned companies where new and existing shareholders can benefit from our strategies. The officers of public companies have a fiduciary duty to their shareholders. Many times this duty is breached when the company is abandoned. Signs of abandonment include disconnected phone lines, downed websites, and delinquent filings with the state of domicile and or the security regulators.

In summary, we furnish the SAP Company with an emergency line of credit, and access to capital so that they may bring all delinquent filings and defaults current. We take a stakeholder position in the Company and commence a nurturing stage by locating suitable merger candidate. Soon after the merger is completed we exit our position as our job is done. Our definition, of a suitable merger candidate are companies with significant operations or those in a high growth or even start ups in a hyper growth industries spaces. For example we have just completed our 1st leg of a 4 leg tour of China and South East Asia region. http://minamargroup.com/China-Conference.php

Although this tour expo was primarily focused on Nasdaq and NYSE listed companies for investor relations and investor awareness purposes; we met many well qualified private companies and candidates that would make any SAP OTC Markets shareholder proud to be part of.

MMG encourages investors to contact us with information on any public company that may be abandoned, in which they were financially negatively affected.

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