Mina Mar Group Featured In “China Enterprise News” Re China Based Companies Trading in USA and Stocks Effected By Muddy Waters short selling activities

TORONTO, Canada / March 11, 2014 / Mina Mar Group (MMG) http://www.minamargroup.com/ a Canadian based investor relations (IR) and mergers advisory (M&A) firm announced its entry into the IR arena for NYSE and Nasdaq listed companies on January 10 2014, and followed up with a “Beijing China Conference held on February 24 2014”. Since 2006, MMG has assisted numerous China based companies and issuers successfully defend against short sellers and stock bashers.

MMG is pleased to report that it has received an overwhelming welcoming and positive response from many China based Companies trading in USA on the NYSE and NASDAQ exchange. Images of the conference can be found at this link http://minamargroup.com/China-Conference.php Additionally, any other issuers that require 1 on 1 private consultation may register at the above link to reach our China based representative Mr.Robert Xu.

On March 8 2014 China Enterprise News released an article called “Revival in takeover of Chinese stocks, the company Muddy Waters resumes its activities” The article can be found here at this link in Mandarin http://m.hexun.com/stock/2014-03-08/162836907.html . The article ran and was picked up by all major financial websites in China, such as baidu.com, sina.com, ifeng.com, hexun.com, jrj.com, hotbuy.com and more.

The following is a translation of “Revival in takeover of Chinese stocks, the company Muddy Waters resumes its activities” taken directly from http://m.hexun.com/stock/2014-03-08/162836907.html website for the benefit of English speaking reader and follower of MMG.

January, Carson Block, the founder of the company for research in stock market and short-term purchases “Muddy Waters”, has declared that the investors are wrong if they think it is already safe to hasten the purchase of Chinese companies stocks listed in the US stock market, just several years after the accounting scandal which made them rush out of the same.

In the last several years in U.S., apart from the Muddy Waters, Citron Research and others, over 20 institutions, funds, law offices were founded, which became the leading force for US stocks market research.

Accustomed to use market differences for articles

Operating mode of Muddy Waters, Citron Research is not difficult to determine, for the ones who work with short-term purchases “financial fraud” in the company is their favorite trick. The policy of those in short-term purchases is clear: follow – confirm – order – report – perform short-term purchase.

Miro Zecevic, director MMG (Mina Mar Group) has stated for the China Enterprise News that it is “in contacts related to the short-term purchase, these companies are used to conventional methods of financial reporting, and this leads to the number of foreign investors “do not understand” such method”. Muddy Waters use cultural and trade differences between American and Chinese markets to create confusion.

In case of stock purchase, there is always a possibility for potential risk of revealing information on stocks. Companies dealing with this have too many similarities, therefore the risks cannot be avoided. Apart from this, Chinese and American manners of presenting information are not the same, which led many Chinese companies in USA to deal with lots of problems during conscientious presenting information of business reports, or the management within the company could not keep the track of the same, or it might have even caused increased costs they could not afford, etc. this situation gave the opportunity to Muddy Waters and other companies to strike, says Miro Zecevic.

Companies hoping for a breakthrough

Since 2011, Orient Paper, RINO International, Hengda Real Estate, New Oriental and other tens of companies which weren’t fortunate, as well as about 40 other companies experienced the drop of the stock value below 1$. In the first half of the year 2012, only one Chinese company remained on the list in the US.

“Many stocks of Chinese companies were attacked without any reason or due to misunderstanding the foreign trade rules, which proved to be a problematic concept and caused enormous costs to many stock market groups”. Miro Zecevic pointed out that even those in the short-term trade were accused of manipulating the stock prices, of having small number of stocks and questioned the resources of the companies.

Due to lack of knowledge of the laws and regulations on securities, as well as lack of knowledge of North American culture and language barriers, many companies soon suffered damages and were unable to efficiently communicate with the investors and authorities, explained the chairperson of MMG Group Asia, Xu Meihua.

“Many Chinese companies do not do anything, we hope that the performance concept on the US capital market will change, as they were defensive, and they should be offensive”, a source from a company stated to the reporter of “China Enterprise News”. All this time we have been researching, and looking for the initiative and the solution for this situation“.

How to perform strike related to short-term purchase

There are plans

Companies that focus on purchase need to have a plan, in order for them, at the moment of the strike, to be able to perceive the strength of the opponent and methodically continue their business activities”, suggested Xu Meihua in the interview for “China Enterprise News”.

On 24th February, the main sponsor of the Chinese companies at NYSE and NASDAQ, Mina Mar Group (MMG) organized investment conference in Beijing, the aim of which was to connect and establish a contact with American companies from the list, to understand the actual needs of the companies as well as to provide help regarding Muddy Waters and to return to the Wall Street.

Xu Meihua’s opinion, related to the short-term purchases, is that the companies must exercise vigilance.

Before the strike, Muddy Waters have to perform certain preparations and these activities must have certain signs”. Xu Meihua thinks this will need for a quick response.

More importantly, after the suffered attack, the group must organize and respond in timely manner.

Sources within companies acknowledge that this is an argument that Chinese companies have been silent, and unless the company responds, the public will think it has a problem. In such case, the investors, not being aware of the situation, immediately react by selling stocks.

Xu Meihua pointed out for the “China Enterprise News” that the most critical need was to secure transparent corporate financial reports which will show the integrity.

According to Xu Meihua, currently, there are about 10 companies cooperating with MMG which, in accordance with their concept and cooperation agreement, through the institutions for professional training, together respond to the attacks of Muddy Waters. “Our goal is to avoid bankruptcy from Muddy Waters in the period of 3-5 years, and to lead the companies to a positive and healthy development. “

More news will follow as MMG expands its efforts against Muddy Waters naked short selling

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