Millionaire Investors Slate Real Estate as their # 1 Investment for 2014

Millionaire investors have set their sights on a recovering real estate market as fixed-income yields stubbornly remain at a historical low and equities surge.

(San Diego, CA February 6, 2014)– In a recent poll commissioned by Morgan Stanley Smith Barney LLC (Morgan Stanley), a survey of millionaire U.S. investors showed that many of the more affluent are concerned about the rising cost of stocks, while interest rates remain stable. As a result, these wealthy investors are looking toward a rebounding real estate market.

A separate study by the group showed last month that members of Tiger 21, who have a minimum of $10 million in investable assets, have increased their apportionment to real estate from 19 percent to 21, from the first quarter of 2013 to the fourth.

During an interview at a Tiger 21 Investors conference last week in Scottsdale, Arizona, Gary Kaminsky, vice chairman at Morgan Stanley Wealth Management in New York said, “After a year where the Standard & Poor's Index rose 30 percent, some millionaires are moving money out of traditional, long-only strategies to find outperformance, and turning toward alternatives such as real estate and private equity.”

Will Ade, another member of Tiger 21, also opined that real estate has become more attractive as stocks become more vulnerable moving into 2014. Ade, who has made his fortune in oil and is seeking real estate investments in Miami, went on to say that, despite his enthusiasm for real estate, this year could see the last of great property investments before interest rates go up, stating “The really good real estate deals are getting harder and harder to find. Once interest rates start to go up, whether it's farmland or single-family dwellings, there's going to be huge downward pressure on real estate.”

While Ade's opinion may hold some validity, Kent Clothier and his team at REWW are not worried, having eased the challenge somewhat by offering real estate investors access to a comprehensive database of vacant properties.

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