Millionaire Club Valentino Wants Customers To Sleep On Money

Millionaire Club Valentino, a startup soft furnishings brand, launches range of high quality money-themed bedding.

Sleeping on money need no longer be the stuff of dreams, thanks to new money-themed bedding brand Millionaire Club Valentino.

The brand is gearing up for launch this fall, following an Indiegogo fundraising campaign set to begin in late September. It will be offering a varied lineup of money-themed soft furnishings, with a full range of bedding as well other items such as bath towels and tablecloths.

Scientific research suggests that money has some powerful and unexpected properties. But it’s not only cold hard currency that delivers the goods – even just the image of money can be highly effective. It’s well known that money has a significant impact on the emotional state, but one recent study even indicates it can actually alter an individual’s perception of feelings of pain. Visualizing money can help to build self-confidence, a useful and popular tactic in job interview situations, and other studies indicate that it can relieve stress and even function as a natural aphrodisiac.

Millionaire Club Valentino’s creation Rolling In Cash aim to tap into this power. Its primary market will be the personal development community, with particular emphasis on groups focused on attaining wealth and building prosperity. Its products should prove to be a valuable and practical tool set for anyone looking to use visualization and money manifestation techniques to influence their subconscious mind and rewire their brains for financial success. But it’s not just the personal development community who stand to benefit. The Rolling In Cash product lineup also promises to have strong appeal for the novelty and gifts market and for operators of boutique hotels and motels. Whether a customer is looking for a fun gift for newlyweds or for a themed decoration for a novelty hotel room, the brand appears to neatly cover a niche in the market.

MC Valentino aims to provide a quality product. With this in mind, its range is made from high grade, 100% natural materials, providing the best possible feel. This also allows it to use the highest definition print resolution, giving an extremely detailed and realistic image quality. The combination of a luxurious feel with sharp graphics seems to set Rolling In Cash apart from its competitors. Initial products will be decorated with Euros, Russian Rubles and US dollar bills, though plans are afoot to expand the roster of currencies to cater for a more international market.

Despite the clearly playful nature of the brand and the definite fun and novelty potential of its products, it’s underpinned by a more serious minded philosophy, and aims to break the taboo and to change the paradigm that money is inherently bad. The idea is that everyone needs money to live and support their basic needs and wishes, and that shouldn’t be a source of guilt. According to brand spokesperson Jelka Holz, Rolling In Cash stands behind the philosophy that everybody is worthy of a decent life without financial hardship. “Money is not ‘the root of all evil’. When earned in an honest way it can greatly improve the quality of people’s lives.”

The Rolling In Cash Indiegogo campaign begins on 3rd October, giving money-minded entrepreneurs around the globe a chance to get in on the action. For more information on the brand and the forthcoming campaign, visit

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