Military-Grade Noklite LED Flashlight Is Now Available To The General Public

A personal favorite of Army Rangers, CIA operatives, NATO peacekeepers, and many others, the rechargeable, adjustable flashlight produces up to 1200 lumens from a Cree Q5 LED, Noklite reports

Noklite now offers the company's military-grade, rechargeable, LED-based flashlights to the general public and at wholesale prices. Noklite Flashlights incorporate top-quality Cree LED elements to deliver up to 1200 lumens of light, with an included, rechargeable 3.7-volt battery doing away with disposables.

The creation of a pair of distinguished Navy Commanders, the compact, rugged Noklite flashlight maintains an honored place in the personal kits of CIA field operatives, Army Rangers, Interpol investigators, and NATO peacekeepers, among others. By opening up sales of its flashlights to the public, Noklite gives those who demand the best affordable, convenient access to a device that has proved itself in some of the world's harshest environments. The company's flashlights are available now at the Noklite website at wholesale-level prices that are a fraction of what might be expected for equipment of this grade.

"We're proud to announce that our highly regarded adjustable flashlights are now available to the public at our website," Noklite representative Tristan Jones said, "Producing up to 1200 lumens from a fully charged 186530 battery, our flashlights deliver twice the illumination available from the gear issued to Navy Seals. They do that from a compact, extremely rugged chassis, making them the perfect choice for the toughest missions. Having made so many waves among elite military and intelligence operatives, we're excited to be able to open up sales to the general public. Our wholesale pricing also means that acquiring a high-tech, military-grade piece of gear is within reach of all."

Noklite was born when two former Navy Commanders put their heads together to rethink the standard load-outs carried by today's soldiers. With at least 50 pounds of gear weighing down every Marine today, for example, the pair felt that the advances delivered by modern technology were not being leveraged sufficiently.

Going back to the drawing board to re-imagine an especially important piece of equipment, the team created the first Noklight flashlight. Based around fully rechargeable, high-capacity batteries, instead of the drugstore-style parts still included in the flashlights issued to Navy Seals, the new flashlight immediately attracted attention from members of the special forces and other discerning users.

With five modes of operation and adjustable output that ranges from 800 to 1200 lumens on a fully charged battery, the 5.3-inch flashlight produces more intense light than most devices of much larger size and greater weight. An aircraft-quality aluminum housing and a rugged Cree Q5 LED lighting element allow the Noklite flashlight to deliver reliable service under even the harshest conditions.

All of these features and others have already made Noklite a top choice among members of the CIA, Interpol, the Army Rangers, and NATO peacekeeping forces when assembling personal kits for duty in the field. With the Noklite flashlight now available for sale to the general public at unprecedented prices, the company expects that demand will be high.

About Noklite:
A top choice among Army Rangers, CIA operatives, NATO peacekeepers, and other demanding professionals, the Cree Q5-driven Noklite rechargeable LED flashlight delivers powerful illumination from a rugged, compact chassis.

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