Military Car Shipping Publish New Testimonials Section To Help New Clients Feel Confident

Military Car Shipping has created a new testimonials section on its homepage sharing stories and experiences from former clients so new clients can feel comfortable placing their order.

A life in the military is not for everyone, but for those who can adapt to the rigorous discipline, team ethic, personal responsibility and strict command structure, a career in the military can be extremely rewarding. One of the downsides many people experience is in having to move from base to base, often across thousands of miles and even overseas, having to leave their treasured possessions behind. Military Car Shipping is a service that enables military personnel to keep their beloved automobile with them wherever they go, and has just published a new testimonials section showing what a difference it has made to existing servicemen and women.

Military Car Shipping ( has attracted testimonials from individuals in the United States Air Force, United States Marine Corps, United States Navy and the Army, and they all speak to the quality of service they received from the company.

Attributed using their full name and picture, and the endorsements speak of personal experiences of international and cross-country moves where all difficulties were easily overcome by the team at Military Car Shipping.
The testimonials are just the first, and will be updated regularly as new customers reach out with their feedback on the service, which promises to be personal and professional while still delivering great value, going the extra mile for every client to ensure their car can transfer with them.

A spokesperson for Military Car Shipping explained, “We were so touched and proud of the feedback we received we felt we simply had to share it. Our servicemen and women do incredible work out there in the wide world and having ownership of a car can give them an important sense of continuity as the rest of their life is uprooted when they transfer. That’s why we wanted to share these stories, to encourage more people in the military to use these services.”

About Military Car Shipping: Whether you need an auto shipped overseas or across the United States, Military Car Shipping has affordable car moving solutions that have already helped thousands of military personnel changes stations without leaving their vehicle behind. After 20 years in the business working with individuals, contractors and the DoD, they can handle every step of the process to ensure a seamless and money saving service.

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