Milestone Liberty Reports Problems with Gas Caps Remain Common Repairs

A check engine light may be the result of a simple problem or a more extensive one, yet the facility handles all vehicle service and repair needs at affordable prices, announces

When the check engine light comes on in a vehicle, the owner typically panics, assuming a large repair bill is in his or her future. Surprisingly, reports this warning often comes as a result of a gas cap that is loose, missing or damaged, and inspections for a loose gas cap were the second most common vehicle fix in 2010. When any warning light comes on in a vehicle, the driver needs to have it investigated immediately, and Milestone Liberty can be of assistance in determining where the problem lies and what repairs are needed, if any.

"A loose gas cap may not appear to be a major problem at first, yet 147 million gallons of gas evaporate each year as the result of this issue. Although the cost of gas has decreased significantly in recent months, no driver wants to pay more than they absolutely must for their car and we understand this. Our goal is to keep your car running in top shape at all times, and we offer a variety of services to ensure this is the case. You can view Milestone Liberty for more information," Tom Andrews, spokesperson for Milestone Liberty, states.

For example, many facilities fail to offer transmission repair services. In fact, reports that automotive transmission repair services account for only 6.7 percent of the automotive repair industry, yet this component is essential to the vehicle running properly. Problems often develop here, however, and they can be costly if not addressed promptly.

"Milestone Liberty offers comprehensive transmission and repair services, and we take the time to thoroughly diagnose the issue before making recommendations on repairs. Certain facilities across the country have made the news for recommending a transmission rebuild when one was not needed, but that's never the case when you bring the car to us. Our goal isn't to make the most money off of your repair, but to have you come back to us again for all of your automotive maintenance and repair needs," Andrews continues.

Obviously, no vehicle will run without tires. Improperly inflated tires can negatively impact gas mileage, and tires with worn down tread or a strange bulge are a hazard. Replacing worn tires and ensuring they are properly inflated are only two tasks that a vehicle owner must undertake. When the wheels aren't properly aligned, the tires wear at different rates, and tires need to be rotated regularly for even wear. To learn more about proper tire maintenance, read about it at Milestone Liberty.

"Tire blowouts often occur at high speeds and result in the loss of control of the car. In some cases, the car rolls over. Proper tire maintenance is essential for these and numerous other reasons. Contact us today to learn how we can keep your car running optimally at all times. Our goal is to provide outstanding service at affordable costs, so you can get back on the road again in the shortest time possible," Andrews announces.

About Milestone Liberty:

A full service auto repair and maintenance facility located in Germantown, Maryland, Milestone Liberty services all makes and models of vehicles, handling everything from tires and oil changes to major engine and transmission repairs. The mechanics are ASE certified, and the facility makes use of the latest computerized diagnostic equipment. Milestone Liberty functions to provide honest service at an honest price.

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