Milda Latakaite’s Story of Self-Awakening Inspires Readers Who are Struggling with Wellness and Confidence in Bestselling Book

Milda Latakaite is one of 25 authors opening up in the fourth volume of the internationally bestselling book series, Change Makers.

When Milda Latakaite received word the book, Change Makers, Volume 4, that she helped co-author was an international bestseller in four countries, it reinforced the message she shared with its readers: love oneself, stand up to your fears, and anything is possible. And she is proof positive of that. Hers is one of 25 short stories from women around the world who have faced difficulties, learned from them, and thrived despite, or because of them. Each chapter is written in the contributor’s own words and topics cover the gamut from business, philanthropy, motherhood and relationships.

At age 31, Latakaite was 11 years deep into a downward slide to obesity, strained relationships and diminished self-esteem. Then one morning as her alarm went off and sun poured into her bedroom, she felt a literal wake-up call. Thus, Latakaite draws readers into her inspiring journey to self-discovery, health and a new profession as a wellness coach. Today, she has impacted hundreds of young people, helping them explore their potential, as well as corporate partners and their teams. She has also crossed the world, volunteering on behalf of those in need.

And the Lithuanian-born author’s subject matter is timely indeed. With obesity on the rise, more and more health experts are stressing the relationship between good nutrition and emotional health.

“By sharing my story, I hope to stir a reawakening, much like mine, in women who are struggling with weight and other insecurities. I’ve created a movement toward helping them discover what it really means to live. It all starts with being kind to self, showing more love to self, and giving your body exactly what it needs as relates to nutrition and movement,” she said.

“Milda’s story is so important because it addresses issues that many women can relate to when it comes to the tie between weight and confidence. She shares her experiences in such a personal and detailed way that you immediately are drawn into what she went through and can feel the hope and joy of her transformation. I am so grateful that she is one of my Change Makers’ authors and am sure her message will hit home and hopefully motivate positive action in many readers,” said Emma Hamlin, founder of Change Maker Press, which gives women a platform to be heard while giving readers a dose of positive energy and strength.

Change Makers: 25 Transformational Stories from Women Making an Impact in the Lives of Others (Volume 4) is an Amazon bestseller in the U.S., Canada, UK and Australia.

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