To Relaunch As A Champion Of Paleo Nutrition At Its Most Delicious

Milano Bakery Inc. has changed its business practices to subscribe to the Paleolithic diet philosophy based on the eradication of processed oils, farmed grains and other unhealthy substances.

The Paleolithic diet has come to prominence at a time where more people than ever are experiencing digestive troubles and IBS as a result of processed foods and the overabundance of gluten from farmed grains. Evolutionary medicine has clearly shown that the nutrients gained from industrial farming are poorer than the rich foraging of the hunter gatherer lifestyle, though the shift to farming was necessary due to periods of famine. Now, in a time of abundance, many individuals are choosing to return to the Paleo diet for a healthier lifestyle, and aims to help them do so.

The website will relaunch on December 1st and feature Paleo friendly recipes, ideas and inspirations, all promising to be as delicious as they are healthy. The recipes are designed to combine hunter-gatherer ingredients in novel and delicious ways to make healthy eating a delight.

The site will also feature news, editorials and lifestyle articles about how to get the best from Paleo nutrition amid a busy modern lifestyle. Their mission is to become one of the best regarded sources for the very latest developments in Paleo nutrition, and to play a part in popularizing a more natural approach to eating without the sense of sacrifice that accompanies most diets.

A spokesperson for explained, “We live in the very best of times. We are able to simultaneously use smartphones and the internet to stimulate our minds as we regress back to the golden era of human life for the body. Other evolutionary successes like High Intensity Interval Training are proving popular alongside the Paleo diet, because they allow us to return to a state more like our best selves – stronger, healthier and more robust. We plan to offer Paleo recipes, inspiration and more to ensure people feel they can fulfil their potential through imaginative culinary creations.”

About has recently redesigned and relaunched its website in order to become one of the best sources for new recipes and ideas for the Paleo lifestyle. The website is aiming to champion Paleo friendly recipes and demonstrate their potential and value.

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