Milano & Marv'l Are Dropping a Song Soon

Milano & Marv'l are working on a new song called "Relocate," which will be released on Spotify on September 19th.

The music industry is one of the biggest industries in the world right now. Last year total revenue generated by the music industry was 23.1 billion US dollars. In the wake of the coronavirus, it is estimated to do more business this year because people are stuck at homes and trying to entertain themselves. But that is not the only reason; another reason is that many young and new artists are stepping into the music industry. This article also covers two very talented artists, Milano & Marv'l.

A little history about Milano & Marv'l

Two young musicians are Oregon-based hip-hop artists. They have moved to California now, which we all know is the best place on the planet for musicians and actors to be, and they have the talent to excel in this industry. Both artists are pretty young and have a lot to learn and do in this industry, and being in the right place is the step in the right direction for them.

Social media influence

Milano & Marv'l have not released a lot of music yet, but they have many followers on Instagram, which is the frontier of social media. This means they have a huge fan following already. At this point, Milano has eleven, and Marv'l has three posts on his Instagram, despite not using Instagram that frequently that have earned 66 thousand followers each. They are also relatively more active Tiktok accounts.


Milano & Marv'l are working on a new song called "Relocate," which will be released on Spotify on September 19th. We have already got some teasers about this song on the artist's Instagram page, which makes it clear that the song will be a video song.

Marv’l posted a Tiktok video on his Instagram of a girl dancing on the song, and Milano posted a duet with that video on his page. Tiktok is a very popular social media app among youngsters and teenagers. It is one of the most used social media apps, so "Relocate" trending over Tiktok even before being released is a big thing.


The song is expected to do well with estimated 1 million views. The fans are hyped for it, and we can see the fans' support and love for the artists in their comment sections. Fans are desperately waiting for the song to be released, and we expect it to get 400k to 600k views in the first two weeks. We have seen music videos get more views, and a video of this caliber will surely do great. The manager has said, “This is high-quality sound at its best, trust that.”

Milano & Marv'l are pretty underrated, and there is a peculiar mystic to them, and they have a decent fan following. They are set to make more impactful music, and this is just the beginning for these artists.

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