Mike Lehr Recognized as Twitter Leading Influencer on Change Management Consulting

Mike Lehr of Omega Z Advisors has been named by Maven 7 as the world’s most influential opinion leader on Twitter for his outstanding work helping followers deal with change management.

For Immediate Release - Akron, OH, October 27, 2015: Effective change management is a vital skill for corporations in today's fast-paced business environment, yet even some of the most flexible organizations have difficulty responding to its demands. Over 50% of change initiatives fail to meet expectations. Who do they seek for insights to help them navigate the challenges of change management? According to a recent study by Maven 7, an international think tank, they turn to Mike Lehr of Omega Z Advisors in Akron, OH.

Implementing any type of change within a corporate environment is often fraught with danger. It can be costly to implement, while failure to adapt and evolve can spell doom. Maven 7 set out to determine who companies turn to in the social universe for inspiration and direction when confronted with the specter of change. They used Diktio Labs, an online community mapping suite, to identify those strategists who are considered Twitter's Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) on the topic of change management. With over 61,000 followers, the overwhelming response was Mike Lehr.

Between September 14 and October 7 of this year, the company monitored a specific set of keywords related to the topic of change management. They reviewed over 17,000 tweets and tracked the activities of 9,054 users who focused on keywords such as change, management, organizational and #ChangeManagement. Within this space they found people particularly interested in change related to innovation, cultures and behaviors.

The irony of a resident of a city known for industrial efficiencies now being recognized internationally as a social media influencer is not lost on Lehr. "We've seen a lot of change here over the last 25 years. I learned much from watching manufacturers and others in Northeast Ohio try to deal with the onslaught of competition," he commented. "Many suffered. Others became stronger. No matter the outcome, closures or growth, change had a huge impact on the companies, their employees and this area. The key is people though. No strategy, process or vision works without this key. It's fascinating. Culture trounces all of them. I enjoy working with organizations to help them navigate their internal cultures and politics to manage change and thrive."

About Mike Lehr: Mike Lehr, founder and president of Omega Z Advisors in Akron OH, helps firms carry out their strategic plans, process improvements, IT implementations, mergers and high-growth strategies through the process of change management. He is a speaker, trainer, advisor, blogger and collaborator who shares his insights with followers worldwide through the use of social media. Visit the website to learn more about the cultural aspects of managing change. "Like" the Facebook page to receive tips and insights on change management. Call 330-777-0094 to take advantage of his uniquely effective strategies as a speaker. Follow Mike on Twitter at @MikeLehrOZA.

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