Mike Honari’s All Euro Garage Extends Range of Specialist European Sports Car Restoration

American company All Euro Garage has extended their range of services from their craftsmen who are dedicated to renewing old and antique European sports cars to their original glory.

European sports cars represent the pinnacle of design and finesse, and cars from the classic era of motoring represent some of the best ever made. Jaguar, BMW, Porsche, Mercedes Benz: these are the names that take people back to the posters they once had on their walls, and some individuals are lucky enough to grow successful enough in adulthood to own one. Time however brings inevitable decay, and restoring classic cars to their former glory is a specialty industry. All Euro Garage are specialists that transform aged classics and remove the ravages of time to make them shine and perform like new. Due to their success they have added a range of services to their offering.

Led by Michael Honari, the restoration team has created classic racing cars from BMW’s and prize winning convertibles from Mercedes Benz’s. The cars are stripped down to their skeletons and lovingly repaired, refurbished and refurnished with the finest finish possible.

The website features extensive galleries of previous and current projects, including those restored to their original style and flare and those that have been augmented with more contemporary finishing touches to give a new style that supports the best of both worlds. No matter the project, the company has shown themselves the leading specialist restorer for all European car brands.

A spokesperson for All Euro Garage explained, “Details make the difference no matter the purpose. Whether a car that can win best in show or a car that is simply for the pleasure of driving, we know how to optimize a car for either. We deal with professionalism and honesty, as experienced craftsmen, the likes of which are not often seen in the automotive profession today. We use our breadth and depth of knowledge and our skills to restore cars, but our specialty is creativity, flexibility and understanding in fulfilling the dreams of our clients, with an emphasis on quality and detail. Luckily our customers have seen the value in our services and we have been able to add additional services so we cover every aspect from body and paint work to upholstery, suspension, brakes and even A/C reconditioning.”

About All Euro Garage:
All Euro Garage offer classic car restoration, repair and maintenance. They have experience with European Classics and Antiques. From BMWs, Mercedes Benz, Porsche and Alfa Romeo, they can do it all. Customers looking for a paint job, customization, or complete restoration can find help with All Euro Garage. Their team of experienced fabricators, welders, body guys, painters, mechanics and upholsterers are ready to serve.

Contact Info:
Name: Michael Honari
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Organization: All Euro Garage
Phone: (702)787-8453
Website: http://www.alleurogarage.com/

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