Midwest Braces for More Severe Weather after Massive Tornado

Millions of Residents Prepare for More Severe Weather and Tornadoes

Eleven tornadoes have ravaged the Midwest in as many days. One tornado destroyed portions of Missouri's state capital and caused massive damage to infrastructure and residential homes. According to Gov. Mike Parson, at least 20 people were being treated for injuries in Jefferson City. City Mayor Carrie Tergin told CNN that "Many, many buildings have significant damage, and there's a lot of buildings that have small damage as well. It's very widespread."

One of the survivors, Kayleigh De Rosa, told CNN that she was still in shock after the tornado tore through her home the night before. According to her, she and her boyfriend sought refuge in their bathtub after waking up to the roaring sound of the tornado through their open window. "It felt like a train hit my home. Our windows and walls were ripped out," De Rosa said.

Authorities have advised residents to stay alert and be prepared for the worst case scenario. Aside from having an emergency and first aid kit, people are also encouraged to prepare for the possibility of power and water interruptions. Households are recommended to store hygiene provisions if water became unavailable or contaminated.

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