Micro is a Modular, Superfood Garden that Grows Microgreens on Autopilot

Live on Kickstarter, Micro is a stackable automated garden for superfood.

Micro, the revolutionary new modular superfood garden device from Agriolabs that grows microgreens on autopilot, is live on global crowdfunding platform Kickstarter and a breakout success story having reached their raise goal in only 20 hours.

Microgreens contain 50 times more nutrients than other full-grown vegetables but they are often one of the most difficult to grow. Problems like mold, uneven growth, slow germination and under/over watering are all common issues especially for novice growers. The Micro is a breakthrough new product that automates all of the work; making it easier than ever to enjoy delicious and nutritious meals right at home.

“I was a cook at a local restaurant and I noticed the amount of fruits and vegetables that were being wasted from failed dishes or just simply going bad. Imagine the energy that goes behind the journey those vegetables took to get into this kitchen. Imagine the water usage, trees cut down for farmland, fuel burned for transportation-- only for the food to be thrown out just because it wasn’t good enough for commercial use,” says co-founder Jonathan Mui on the inspiration behind the project. “It was painful to see how inefficient traditional agriculture can be and the effect it has on our environment. I imagined that in an advanced world, we would be self-sustained when it comes to gathering food as it doesn’t make sense to expend so much energy for food with the technology we have currently have available. Our civilization has come so far to modify eggs to have two yolks and artificially increase the size of our fruits for consumption, yet we haven’t done anything about the environmental impact our food makes. It boggled my mind that we have come so far, yet agriculture still isn’t automated and continues to take its unnecessary toll on our planet. I knew somehow that technology could bring our favorite agricultural products to us without the negative impact on our environment and so Agriolabs was born.”

Micro is a contained environment that gives it the perfect temperature and humidity to grow healthier microgreens all while reducing the chance of fungi or mold, and without the use of harsh chemicals. It is a smart, compact and modular system that can be stacked and hidden for the ultimate in convenience. It is a simple, three-step process:

1. Insert seedpad inside the drawer
2. Water the seedpad
3. Peel off the seedpad’s top layer once seeds have sprouted, press the button to begin growing, and let micro do the rest

After they’re finished growing, it is time to harvest. Users will then need to simply take the seedpad and cut the microgreens with scissors or a knife. Best of all, there is no need to wash as there is no dirt and no chemicals use— simply add the microgreens directly into any meal.

“Micro is the first step towards making hyperlocal agriculture our new normal. As time progresses, humans will inevitably have to start taking their environmental footprints more seriously. The most immediate impact we can make to improve traditional agriculture is by disrupting the industry and providing an easily-accessible method to grow food at home. While not everyone can grow their own food, our Micro device changes that by growing it for you. It’s convenient and allows literally anybody to start growing food at home with the push of a button,” adds Mui. “While you could technically grow you own food in a garden or your own pots at home, Micro does it all for you. We understand that getting people to reduce their environmental impact isn’t the most attractive idea to spread, so by building a fun and simple product that grows nutritious, organic food for you, Micro serves as a fun and accessible product that becomes our companies first big step in changing the way we do agriculture.”

The Agriolabs Micro is currently live and available to support on Kickstarter: www.kickstarter.com/projects/agriolabs/micro-modular-superfood-garden

About Agriolabs Technologies Inc.

Agriolabs Technologies Inc. is on a mission to fix the enormous amount of food waste and pollution that occurs on our planet. Through embedding innovative technologies into aging industries, this Canadian-based tech company blends clever design principles with impactful products that combat global pollution and create a healthier, happier Earth for all of us. Founded in 2019 with their first product launch in August 2020, Agriolabs has quickly gained acclaim for their “Micro” device that can easily grow microgreens anywhere within its self-contained environment, at the push of a button.

For more information on Agriolabs Technologies Inc. please visit: www.agriolabs.ca


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