Michel Thomann tells, a world of great luxury!

The very closed club of yachts

The world of Yachting is a world of great luxury, according to Michel Thomann, great leader on luxury yachts for several years, nowadays it is necessary to be billionaire to be part of the industry of "yachting".

Amateurs, curious, millionaires are at the annual rendezvous of the Great Pleasure, every year whether in Monaco for the Yachting Monaco Show or Canne for the Cannes Yachting Festival, more than 50,000 visitors will come to marvel at the hundreds of boats presented.

For more than a quarter of a century, the yachting industry has been growing steadily. "This evolution clearly reflects our society: luxury does not know the crisis! "

The world nautical sector represents:
· 100,000 companies whose turnover is mainly in the boating industry
· 1,000,000 direct jobs
· 150 million practitioners ... Reference: IBI magazine

Destination Soleil met a great chef of these luxury boats, Michel Thomann, whose name is well established in the world of yachting.

He started his career in 2003 he had business in Switzerland, he worked the winter so available in the summer to make a career in yachting.

In 2011, Michel, under the influence of his wife Kimmy, left Monaco and moved to Florida. His wife gave birth to his first son Ethan in Monaco. Michel built the FACE restaurant (France-American-Culunary-Experience) in Hollywood.

But the natural comes back at a gallop, after hard work during these 5 years in Hollywood, a beautiful morning Michel put down his apron and went to join the world of the sea, luxury, the world of yachting, a world of freedom he knew so well.

On yachts, every day is different. The advantage is that by changing structure regularly, the monotony does not really have time to settle down according to Michel: "This is the very nice part of this job: I'll have tasks to perform daily, but they will not necessarily be in the same order every day because it is necessary to adapt to the customers and their taste!

Now, being on a boat, I am closer to the customers and customers (whose number varies but it is on average around a dozen) and I can create a real relationship quickly while maintaining a very standard level high! "

What is the salary of a chef on a luxury yacht?
Let's remember, however, that the chef's job requires several essential qualities:

"It takes stamina, despite the idyllic environment the days can be very long and the days of leave are not regular or non-existent.

And it is absolutely necessary to be able to work in a team and to be able to live in community.

And all that is in return for an average salary for a good chef of US $ 500 net per day - although it varies a lot from one boat to another.

"Tips are also very important (more on rented yachts than on private yachts) and are therefore a very good salary supplement.

It must also be taken into account that living on board you are fed, housed and laundered. Many benefits, therefore! "

A captain earns between $ 12,000 and $ 20,000 + bonus per month.

A 50 meter yacht, 10 people working year round cost around 2.5 million a year. And there is not yet the port ...

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