Michael Palumbos of Family Wealth and Legacy Honored to Win The 2019 PlanPlus Global Financial Planning Awards

Years of providing comprehensive financial planning to family businesses helped Family Wealth and Legacy create a unique process that clients trust. The award they have won is a testament to their desire to help provide the needed support for a family business to thrive.

Rochester, NY: Family Wealth and Legacy is proud to announce Michael Palumbos has won the 2019 PlanPlus Global Financial Planning Awards. The Global Awards Program started six years ago. The goal was to showcase financial planning at it's best. The awards give global recognition to advisors creating extraordinary value for their clients. Michael Palumbos won the award in the Americas category. "We entered the competition looking for constructive criticism about our financial planning process. We didn't expect to win. It's a real honor for our team." said Michael Palumbos, the founder of the firm.

The competition scores in three rounds by a panel of five judges. The focus is on the comprehensive nature of the advisor's planning process. As well as, the value and benefit the planning had for the client. This judging criterion sets the PlanPlus competition apart from other competitions. Other programs focus on the advisor's total assets under management, not the value of the planning to the client. For most clients the benefit of planning is often in areas other than managing the portfolio. It's the income tax reduction strategies and the business growth or transition plan. It's having someone look at their entire situation. Taking the time to point out any gaps or opportunities they may have not even known about.

Entry is limited to a person with a recognized professional designation who is in good standing with a financial planning association or other professional body. Only finalists will be required to submit the actual plan document on which their submission was based. Pursuant to financial planning practice standards, the advisor must have an engagement agreement in place to ensure that full disclosure of all material facts has been made to the client. This includes but is not limited to: how the planner is compensated, disclosure of all commissions, fees, etc. as well as disclosure of any conflicts of interest.

To learn more about PlanPlus Global Financial Planning Award visit https://www.planplusawards.com/gfpa-how-to-enter and https://www.planplusawards.com/gfpa-judging.

PlanPlus and Lincoln Financial Advisors Corp. are not affiliated.

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Family Wealth and Legacy's core clients are multi-generational family-owned businesses. They serve clients in the Rochester, Buffalo, Syracuse and the Southern Tier of NY. Their team approach to providing advice helps family businesses thrive.

Family businesses are a vital part of America's economic engine. Statistically speaking, most family businesses don't last. Those that do survive, work hard to develop trust, communication and governance. They are open to learning and listening. They value the knowledge of other professionals like Family Wealth and Legacy. They face the challenges of running a business and being a family.

Second opinions can be invaluable, especially for family businesses making critical decisions. Those decisions can impact the future of the family and the business. Family Wealth and Legacy offers a comprehensive Second Opinion Service. It is 100% confidential and cost-efficient. A second opinion analyzes critical elements faced by the entire family and the business. It's often what we don't know that can hurt us most. A second opinion will shine a light on the areas that may hurt you, your family or the business.

For more information, please contact 585-350-7273, Michael.Palumbos@lfg.com, or visit www.familywealthandlegacy.com.
Michael Palumbos is a registered representative with Lincoln Financial Advisors Corp. Securities and investment advisory services offered through Lincoln Financial Advisors Corp. a broker/dealer (Member SIPC) and a registered investment advisor. Insurance offered through Lincoln affiliates and other fine companies. Family Wealth & Legacy is not an affiliate of Lincoln Financial Advisors Corp. CRN-2772665-101419

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