Michael Fang To Launch His First Extended Play

Fang’s new extended play, “You’re a Sick Nasty Person” is released on October 30, 2019.

Texas, Dallas, November 01, 2019 – Michael Fang’s first extended play was launched on October 30, 2019. His play ‘You’re a Sick Nasty Person’ constitutes four tracks and the runtime of the tracks is altogether 7 minutes. Besides the short run time, Michael Fang has conveyed his discomforting emotions regarding the unfortunate circumstances by rapping and singing them.

His song tracks reflect more of a chaotic state of mind and a sample of a non-static arpeggio, which is later directed into a rhythmic 808 pattern. Fang had justified the intensity of him being misfortunate. The troubles in his life are taking an obvious shape in the lyrics of his new play.

Fang’s antipathy is the dominant element in the tracks. If not anger, the lyrics reflect his desire to disconnect from the world. Although the soundtracks are varying from one another but somewhere connecting back with the universal theme.
Fang has made an effort of driving his fans crazy by the initiating lyrics as “Nah, no we can’t chill, hoe leaves bitter". Fang brought the audience on the same ground by sharing that, going deep into the memory lane is not the bed of roses and all to cherish. Also, it can be as disturbing as a traumatic dream that derives one bleak for long.

Fang’s new play crew entailed Damn Tito and Karim Saidi as the enlisted producers in the album. Moreover, Li Blanc is the only featured artist along with Michael Fang in the song “Nah no one”. The music shaping the extended play is being produced, written, mixed, and mastered all by Michael Fang himself.

So, all Michael fans, catch up with another rap style and vocal by your very own Michael Fang.

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