Miami's Number One Gym Expands with SC Franchise

Legacy Fit, Miami's #1 Boot Camp style personal and professional training facility has acquired its first franchise, expanding the popular workout facility into Summerville, South Carolina, near Charleston.

Cited by Entrepreneur Magazine as one of the top franchise opportunities in the country, Legacy Fit has become one of the most sought after workout facilities in America today. The citizens of Summerville, SC celebrate as one of the hottest franchise gyms in the country comes to their community. Located in the Shoppes at Bacons Bridge, the anticipated opening date of the boot camp style gym, offering both professional and personal level training, has yet to be determined but is estimated to occur between late September and mid-October.

“I would love to give a more specific opening date, but there are too many variables at this point to pin down the date for the Grand Opening,” Manning Sumner, founder of Legacy Fit, explained. “Each facility needs to meet a certain level of consistency established by the Miami facility and once we get moving on creating the environment expected from a Legacy Fit, we'll be able to pinpoint the date for opening.”

Sumner will travel to South Carolina later this summer to oversee the development of the franchise alongside franchisee, Dominic Mariotti. An avid hockey player and lifelong athlete, as Mariotti began seeking a fitness franchise, he sought out a gym that clearly meshed with his personal fitness philosophy and overall vision for the gym he would call his own.

“I looked at so many gyms that were just like all the other gyms,” Mariotti commented. “You pay a fee and work out on your own, or you become a sheep doing the same thing everyone else is doing while someone yells at you to work harder. That's not my idea of the best way to feel good about your workout.”

Influenced by “No Days OFF”, the life philosophy written by Sumner, and the Legacy Fit general business plan, Mariotti felt that he might have found the franchise opportunity he'd been looking for in Legacy Fit.

“Manning and I talked for an hour the first time we ever talked,” said a smiling Mariotti. “I knew that I had found the right guy to team up with. We talked about capturing the feeling of team, of family, and of trust. That is what makes Legacy Fit the best gym around.”

“No Days OFF”, currently available through Amazon, was written by Sumner to express his philosophy on life in general, not simply physical fitness. A mantra of sorts, the guide explains how to make the most of each and every day, and how one can become the best person possible by simply applying 100% at all times, whether during a rigorous workout or while relaxing on the beach.

“Dominic picked up on the idea of 'No Days OFF' quickly,” the entrepreneurial author explained. “He wants the same thing for his gym; the same feeling of unity and trust between client and trainer that we strive to produce at Legacy Fit. We really are a family and the Summerville facility will become the very same.”

As the Grand Opening nears, both Mariotti and Sumner explained that several promotions will begin for pre-opening sign up for membership at Legacy Fit-Summerville. At this time, employment opportunities are available at the Summerville facility. Visit to apply.

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