Miami Hypnosis Center Celebrates 10th Anniversary

Florida-based Miami Hypnosis Center is celebrating its 10th anniversary this month.

Miami Hypnosis Center has been providing valuable complementary and alternative wellness solutions to South Florida residents for many years. This month, the company is celebrating 10 successful years in business.

Miami Hypnosis Center was founded in 2007 by Todd Goodwin, a board certified hypnotist who is committed to empowering people to live healthier and more fulfilling lives. While initially focused on smoking cessation, weight loss and stress reduction, the company has broadened its reach over the past decade to provide an effective solution to stress and anxiety, emotional trauma, fears, unhealthy lifestyle habits, sleep issues and low self-confidence.

Miami Hypnosis Center has offices in Miami Beach and Coral Gables and is the only hypnosis practice in Florida with three board certified hypnotists on staff – Todd Goodwin, Gina Casola and April Norris.

According to Goodwin, many of the most common emotional and behavioral challenges are simply the expression of an underlying problem that has been ignored. While conventional medicine or talk therapy can be effective at managing symptoms, they often fail to address the root cause.

“That is why so many people are still unhappy and unhealthy, despite numerous visits to the doctor or therapist, and despite diets, medications, and lots of wasted willpower,” said Goodwin. “Treating symptoms is like trimming weeds – they keep coming back as long as the roots remain intact. Usually, the root issue involves disempowering thoughts or beliefs that have negative emotional and behavioral consequences.”

Miami Hypnosis Center specializes in resolving such problems at the root level using hypnosis and NLP, or Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Both are widely recognized as powerful modalities in their own right. “Blending hypnosis and NLP delivers much better results than using hypnosis alone,” said Goodwin, “And results are especially impressive when the hypnotist accurately assesses the underlying cause.”

According to Goodwin, the approach is particularly effective at resolving stressful internal conflict, neutralizing emotional trauma and changing self-destructive behavior. It has also been found to improve self-image and self-esteem.

Whether clients are seeking a complementary approach to enhance their existing efforts at self-improvement or looking for an alternative to conventional therapies, Miami Hypnosis Center can help. According to Goodwin, the company’s clients find the process to be “faster than talk therapy, easier than willpower, and safer than medication.”

While most of its business involves working privately with individual clients, Miami Hypnosis Center also offers training courses to medical doctors, acupuncturists, nutritionists, chiropractors and other health professionals who want to improve their success rate when working with stress-related health conditions and unhealthy behaviors.

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