Miami Credit Repair Company Develops New 2021 Guide For Americans Looking To Buy A Home

South Florida Credit Repair Company Creates A Free "2021 Home-buyer's Planning Guide" To Help Those Home-buyers Affected By The Shutdown of 2020

Within the unprecedented upsets, surprises, and economic disruptions of 2020, a group that has remained mostly unnoticed were those unfortunate families who were robbed from buying a home because of the nation’s shut-down.

Many credit profiles across the nation took a negative hit due to businesses closing and jobs being lost. The hope of home-ownership had taken a backseat and the fear of the unknown had quietly slid behind the steering wheel. Thankfully, with new guidelines and a new 2021 approach to discovering what lenders are looking for, the hope of owning a home does not have to be deferred.

Daniel Shalach, the founder of Crown Credit and Debt Solutions, a South Florida Credit Repair Company, understands that home-ownership plays a vital role in helping to build strong and stable communities. He and his team have developed a free guide to ensure that home-buyers have a trusted resource and a safe place to gather correct information for their home purchase even if 2020 has altered their plans.

Shalach sought out several successful bankers and Realtors nationally to develop the guide and partnered with South Florida success leader Shasta Baker and Miami’s Millennial Financial Coach, Samantha Quiñones. They named it "The 2021 Home-buyer's Planning Guide" (2021 HPG for short) and it can be found on their website.

“I am aware of all the benefits that home-ownership offers both to the community and the family. My life changed greatly thanks to owning a home and then becoming a landlord helped me see the bigger picture. I want everyone to experience this freedom and see the impact they can have on America. When it comes to life-changing events, owning a home is third in my life, right after receiving Christ and the birth of my daughter .” Shalach shared.

The 2021 Home-buyer's Planning Guide is partially the work of Shalach's Miami Credit Repair clients who have asked for help with many of the topics they have tackled in the guide. The guide helps the buyer go through a post- shutdown checklist and step-by-step guide to getting approved or RE-approved in this 2021 post shutdown world. It includes more than a dozen video guides and much more, completely for free.

It is meant to help the home-buyer get their focus on proven steps and provides help in navigating through the new muddied waters of home buying.

The 2021 HPG will answer questions like:

• What do you do if you have late payments from 2020?
• What do you do if you lost your job due to COVID?
• What if you get an offer to pay down a debt for less money… why SHOULDN’T you take the offer?
• What if you had an arrangement to prevent a late payment from showing and it is now showing
• What is the one thing that will hurt you from closing on your home?

“Home-ownership should be everyone’s goal, right? I mean it grows your community's treasury through taxes, and research shows the many social benefits it provides, include increased volunteerism, improved health, and less crime. Plus… speaking from experience, your sense of pride in what the Lord has blessed us with, and our ability to dedicate it to Him, is unmatchable. Home-ownership should be EVERYONE’S goal, especially Christians,” Shalach said.

Daniel Shalach's labor of love is presently in English and will be released in Spanish early January 2021.

If you would like to get The 2021 Home-buyer's Planning Guide just click here.

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