Meticulous Espresso is the World’s First Robotic Lever Espresso Machine

Live on Kickstarter, Meticulous Espresso offers the instincts of a barista in an autonomous machine.

Meticulous Espresso, the revolutionary new robotic lever espresso machine ensuring the perfect shot every time, is live on global platform Kickstarter and a breakout crowdfunding success story having raised over $3 million in under a week.

For coffee aficionados, there is nothing quite like the experience of crafting an espresso with a manual lever machine. To operate one successfully though, it can take years of experience to read the subtle signs a lever machine offers to capture just the right flavor notes, texture and even mood. Now for the first time ever, users can enjoy the perfect shot of espresso with the world’s first robotic lever espresso machine from Meticulous.

“For a century, crafting the perfect espresso has been an art reserved for the experts, with machinery that's large, costly, and complex. Even modern home machines still cost thousands, and despite technological advances, they depend on the same archaic springs, valves, and pipes as their predecessors,” says founder and CEO Carlos Pendas on the inspiration behind the project. “We had to rethink the problem from the ground up and design a completely new kind of espresso machine. One that would make the art of great espresso accessible to everyone.”

Meticulous Espresso is a beautifully and minimalist piece of machinery that adds a stylish touch to any kitchen counter, available in matte black or white colors. Powering this beautiful exterior are ten digital sensors that monitor every variable during extraction, including water temperature, pressure, flow rate, and even the weight of the liquid in the cup with the Acaia-Powered scale built into the drip tray Equipped with all this data, Meticulous can constantly control for each variable, making minute adjustments in the moment, just like a skilled barista would. For those inclined to enter the rabbit hole, an included app offers users the ability to dig deep and customize everything from pressure, flow curves and triggers. The result is nothing short of a perfect cup, every single time.

To complement the espresso, the company is also simultaneously launching Meticulous Milk, a standalone companion device using sensors to steam and heat milk automatically. Users simply select their temperature and texture and a single button press releases perfectly textured milk every time.

“Meticulous Espresso + Milk pair seamlessly for a truly unparalleled coffee experience. From flawless control over pressure, temperature, and water flow, to on-demand steam and precise texturing. Cafe-quality beverages will be yours whenever you please, in the comfort of your own home,” adds Pendas.

Meticulous Espresso is currently live and available to support on Kickstarter:

About Meticulous Espresso

We are a team of designers, engineers, and coffee lovers. Some of us have been working together for almost ten years on a range of innovative products, and are now entirely focused (some might say obsessed) on espresso.

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