Metabolic Prime: Reviews Flooding Internet About Effectiveness Of Jade Teta Workout

Jade Teta's Metabolic Prime workout has been re-released and the reviews are coming. In order to streamline all of the blogger and consumer reviews, Steven Wright examines this micro-burst-based workout program.

Steven Wright has been running the Healthiest Intentions website since 2014 and has seen many different workout and diet programs come and go. After the re-release of Jade Teta's Metabolic Prime workout, there have been some lofty promises made about the results one can expect to see from following it. To get to the bottom of all of these different reviews, Wright has ordered his own review to be conducted.

"I first learned about Dr. Teta after he released his previous workout, Metabolic Aftershock." reports Wright. "Since then I've been paying much closer attention to him and his work. His old workout was great; I even have the DVD's still sitting in my cabinet under the TV. But when I heard that he was releasing a new and improved version called Metabolic Prime, I was very excited to see it to see what was in store."

Metabolic Prime takes one through four different stages throughout the DVDs. It starts at the first phase, Awaken, and takes one all the way through to the advanced stage of Max. The workout was designed to only take 15 minutes. But what is truly unique about it's approach is that each exercise is based on each individual's own level of fitness.

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Dr. Teta's program is designed to optimize one's metabolism before, during and after each workout session is performed in order to generate the most beneficial results. This is done mainly by manipulating the natural hormonal responses in the body.

"After having the full review completed, it was reassuring to see that Dr. Teta's program had scientific backing. It's too often that we read or hear about the latest new fad or 'magic' pill type of scenario. With Metabolic Prime, you know what you're going to get: a short, very focused workout that generates a quick response from the body."

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On the Metabolic Prime website, the workout program's standard price is listed at $97 but it is currently on discount.

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