Metabolic Prime Review Reveals The Thyroid-Saving "Micro-Burst" Movement

Metabolic Prime utilizes a newly discovered breakthrough in exercise science that reverses the aging process of metabolism by re-activating the production of 5 critical Metabolic Priming Activator molecules (MPAs) that control the body’s metabolic functions.

Many a times, the rigorous workouts and following a strict diet go in vain. Nothing seems to work on the stubborn layers of fat. After breaking a lot of sweat and feeding the body on only a limited variety of food, the sight of bulging flabs can be very demotivating. The reason is that a laborious workout is not what the body usually needs to lose weight. The body might need to rejuvenate the metabolic process to break down food and burn fat. Which is generally the case. But most people are unaware of this fact and continue to harm their muscles through regular workouts.

Metabolic Prime is one such program that helps in losing weight by providing the right guidelines. It was developed by Dr. Jade Teta who is a physical trainers and an integrative physician by profession. He has an extensive experience on different forms of workouts. This program is based on solid science.

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It focuses on bringing the metabolism process to its prime. This will increase the working and effectiveness of each individual’s metabolism. It is a known fact that when metabolism improves the burning of fats increases many fold and the overall body achieves a lean shape.

How metabolic Prime works is a very interesting phenomenon. The exercises and the pace of the program trigger special muscle molecules. These are called “Metabolic Priming Activators” or MPA’s. They play a vital role in triggering the metabolic process. The metabolic micro burst movements guided in the program target these MPA’s and their production is increased tremendously. The best part is that these exercises are just 15 minutes long. They are meant to be done only thrice a week but the affect can last up to 48 hours straight.

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Why these exercises are so effective is because they are based on understanding how the body works. Their focus is on a long term healthy body and not just a strenuous gym routine. It is basically spread on four stages. The first stage is “awakening”. The purpose of this stage is to awaken the rigid or sleeping metabolic process.

This stage focuses on improving the communication between neuro-muscles. Metabolism is not only improves by building muscle. The muscle is dependent on the communication with nerves. When the nuero-muscular process is improved the metabolism starts to rejuvenate.

After this comes the stage “energize”. In this phase the rehab of metabolism starts. The body starts to burn fat for fuel. The third stage called “overload”, uses a special technique developed by Jade to target the same muscle again and again. This technique helps in burning the fat for a long time even after the workout has been finished. The fourth and the final stage is “Max”.

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In this stage the metabolism would be at its best. A mixture of different power moves and the right tricks help the body attain the perfect balance of a healthy, active and a lean body. The Metabolic Prime includes a full set of videos and easy-to-understand instructions. The program offers the option of instant access to digital as well as physical copy in the form of DVDs delivered to the buyer’s door. It also comes with a 90 days money back guarantee.

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