Metabolic Prime by Dr. Jade - 45 Second Movement That Strips Fat and Shapes Muscle

Metabolic Prime is a 4 phase program and doesn't require the use of a gym. The workouts and movements are progressive in nature.

Metabolic Prime by Dr. Jade Teta is a workout program which utilizes a new discovery made in exercise science. This breakthrough, which is revealed in Metabolic Prime shows individuals how to use 45-second "Metabolic Micro-Bursts" movements to kickstart the body's metabolism. This process allows the body to release stored fat and start to build lean, tone muscles.

Doctor Jade Teta, the author of the Metabolic Prime workout program states that these specific mirco burst movements only need to be performed for 3 days a week and take 15 minutes. The program makes use of a recent discovery that shows that MPA's also known as Metabolic Priming Activators can be reactivated using these movements.

These Metabolic Priming Activators according to Metabolic Prime play huge roles in commanding how metabolismw works within the body. Many mainstream fitness experts believe the reason fat is harder to lose is due to aging, but this is a myth. According to Dr. Jade Teta the issue isn't that the body is aging. The issues is because Metabolism is aging at a faster rate then the body due to a number of issues.

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Metabolic Prime reveals that these MPA's known as "Teenage Genes" are highly active during teenage years, but begin to become less effective as metabolism slows ages. When these genes are active the body has increased energy, more effective fat-burning and allows for the development of lean muscles. As Metabolism ages less energy is available, a increase in inflammatory cells is produced which creates bloat and makes it harder for the body to release stored fat reserves.

Dr. Jade Teta who holds a BS in Biochemistry and a Doctorate in Naturoathic Medicine claims that the unique 45-second movements produce a reaction in the body which trigger the re-activation of these 5 MPA molecules. These Metabolic Activators include Nitric Oxide, IL-6, IL-8, IL-15 and Lactic Acid.

These MPA's when active are what allow an individual to live a lean, healthy lifestyle, but when turned off due to Metabolic aging the body begins to suffer without these critical molecules to command proper siginals. Dr. Jade Teta expresses in Metabolic Prime that longer, cardio style workouts hinder the production of these molecules even faster and should be avoided.

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Metabolic Prime is a 4 phase program and doesn't require the use of a gym. The workouts and movements are progressive in nature. This means that each phase prepares an individual for the next phase and so on. Individuals have a couple of different purchase options with Metabolic Prime such as a download option or a physical version shipped to the individual's home option.

This is unique because many online workout programs only provide one option, a digital one. The program contains the main 4 phase program which contains a number of follow-along videos. These videos allow the individual to see how each movement and workout is performed which makes following along quite easy. Dr. Jade Teta has also included a number of additional items which include a Quick Start Guide, A 12 Week Meal Plan, a Workout Calendar and a Body Transformation Tracker.

Metabolic Prime is clear and simple to follow and each item within the program has a specific purpose which is outlined in detailed. The meal plan book which comes with the Metabolic Prime program shows individuals how to craft delicious, healthy, fat-burning meals which help to restore metabolism. The meals also allow for the consumption of carbs.

According to the author, Dr. Jade Teta carbs aren't the problem because the body needs them for proper fat loss and energy regulation. The issue is when metabolism isn't working the way it's supposed to and when this happens weight and fat storage issues occur.

Metabolic Prime comes with a risk free 60 day money back guarantee so if a individual doesn't feel it's a good fit it can be returned for a full refund. This allows an individual to try out the entire workout program risk free for the 60 days.

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Dr. Jade Teta has been helping people for over 20 years and Metabolic Prime which can be used by both men and women of all ages can help to restore balance to the body and repair aging metabolism. The movements are quick and low impact so no additional stress is added on the joints of the body.

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