Metabolic Prime Aftershock - The New Roadmap to Fitness for Those 35 and Older

The Metabolic Aftershock: The Metabolic Aftershock introduces a brand new program of exercises which can be done anywhere without weights or gym equipment and short, exciting and the most thrilling to do!

The Metabolic Prime Aftershock is a brand new program designed to burn those extra pounds off the body with the most effective and easy-to-do exercises that are quick and fun to do. These exercises are named as ‘intelligent’ by the creator of this effective Jade Teta, who is an integrative physician and personal trainer with over 25 years of experience. He explains that ‘intelligent exercise’ is the exercise which provides just the right type of stimulus in just the right amounts in order to get the body to do what is required. These exercises take the shortest amount of time while adjusting to the specific fitness level.

The Metabolic Aftershock contains effective scientifically based 45 second movements that take only 15 minutes of the time of the day, 3 times per week and will reprogram, recharge and reboot the overall metabolism of the body. It consists of a 3 phase system in which each phase consists of three workout programs. The workouts are short, yet intense. Each routine being 45 seconds making it three times per week exercise routine. Jade Teta believes that fat burning exercise is about efficiency. It is about the maximum amount of intelligent exercises done in the shortest period of time that has to adjust to the specific fitness level of each user.

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The Metabolic Aftershock circumscribes three phases of exercises. The first phase is called ‘Create the Spark’ which focusses on getting the appropriate connectedness between the muscle and nerves. In the beginning, the user may feel a little off balance or be unsure about the movements.

This is normal and by design. In fact, in this phase Dr. Jade purposely exposes the user to those exercise and movement patterns that challenge them differently than other types of exercise and specifically work on strength and balance. This phase like an athlete going into spring training. The metabolic benefits starts emerging from day one, the metabolic framework is also laid in such a way so as to get the user benefit maximally from phases 2 and 3.

The second phase is known as ‘Light the Fire’. In phase 2, the heat is literally turned up on the metabolism. There are advanced metabolic training techniques in this phase which seeks to “Burn” in the muscles—something most exercisers avoid—is the very thing that turns on the most beneficial aspects of this program. This phase will make the user burn. In it, the user will be introduced to techniques that create what is called vascular occlusion. This specialized exercise approach allows them to generate a large burst of hormonal messengers that ignite fat burning for days. With the phase 1 base laid down, and the phase 2 fire burning, phase 3 puts it all together.

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Then comes the final phase which is called ‘Fan the Flames’. In phase 3, the heat is turned up on the metabolic fire by using a special technique that Dr.. Jade developed with his brother. They are called metabolic chains. In this third phase, the exercises are focussed on the “breathless” component while still giving a solid dose of the “heavy” and “burning” effects from phases 1 and 2. This is metabolic conditioning at its best.

The user will be moving from the floor to standing, using explosive power moves as well as tight, burning tension reps. By the time phase 3 is over, the metabolism of the body will be functioning on a whole other level. It will be completely different from where it was when the user first started. Fat will be burnt like never before, even when at rest.

Metabolic Aftershock’s mini-workouts aren’t just about looking good, they help the user get their life back, brighten their moods and make them feel 10-20 years younger. Life can be enjoyed to its fullest, by triggering a powerful cocktail of all-natural hormones that rebuild and repair the body and the brain functions.

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