Metabolic Prime - 5 Molecules Prevent Most Age-Related Illnesses

This thyroid-saving "Micro-Burst" movement incinerates fat and sculpts lean muscle in less than 60 seconds.

Metabolic Prime workout program relies on the power of metabolic micro-bursts. Metabolic Prime stimulates muscle growth while increasing fat loss. The workout videos help people build lean muscle and maximize kilocalories burned with this 45 minute routine that incorporates interval training for a beginner-friendly workout. This system jump starts a person’s fat loss with the workout routine recommended inside it that also helps them build muscle. The program relies on the power of metabolic micro-bursts.

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The author of the Metabolic Prime workout program, Dr. Jade Teta, states that these specific micro burst movements only need to be performed for 3 days a week and take 15 minutes. The program makes use of a recent discovery that shows that MPA's also known as Metabolic Priming Activators can be reactivated using these movements.

Metabolic Prime helps dieters build strength in their core, upper and lower body. The author lays emphasis on helping people find out how many grams and percent of carbs and protein they should eat daily to unload pounds, build strong muscles and bones or just be healthy.

The Metabolic Prime workout program created by Dr. Jade Teta explains the key to melting stubborn fat is to re-activate the "teenage genes" within the body. For a number of reasons, mainly the aging of metabolism these genes don't work the same. Dr. Jade Teta, after years of research found a specific form of movement called "Hyper-Efficient Motion" that activates these genes and allows them to work properly again.

These "teenage genes" consist of 5 molecules which these hyper-efficient form of motion also known as "Metabolic Micro-Bursts" burn calories at a rapid rate. "Many people think that age is the reason the body begins to gain weight and renders traditional workouts useless, but this is false. The truth is that metabolism gets older and has aged faster than the body. This causes a disruption in balance," reports Dr. Jade Teta.

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Metabolic Prime utilizes these Metabolic Micro Bursts to restore the proper balance. Dr. Jade Teta who has a B.S in Biochemistry, a Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine and a Personal Trainer for 25 years discovered that the 5 molecules which control these functions known as "MPAs" can be re-activated and this process works for men and women of all ages, even those 40,50 and 60 years of age.

MPA stands for "Metabolic Priming Activators" which send signals to the brain, organs and muscles in regards to metabolism. When the body is younger these 5 MPA's work great, but as metabolism ages these commands that the Metabolic Priming Activators send don't work as well. The 5 MPA's are IL-15, Nitric Oxide, Lactic Acid, IL-6 and IL-8. Each of them perform specific functions for the body in regards to metabolism.

Re-Activate The 5 Critical Metabolic Molecules To Kickstart Metabolism For Steady, Consistent Fat Loss

According to the author of Dr. Teta, exercise shouldn't be the focus. The focus should be triggering massive MPA production. These 45-second "micro-bursts" trigger them while long, cardio style workouts can hinder the production of these important MPA's. These movements also help to decrease the production of the "zombie molecule" known in the medical community as IL-6, TNFa and IL-1. These are produced as the body ages and create inflammation within the body. This causes issues such as bloat, fat storage and lack of energy.

Inflammatory cells are produced in mass when MPA production is low. So a naturally byproduct of increasing MPA is stopping the "zombie molecule" from building up within the system. The Metabolic Prime program takes 15 minutes a day, 3 times a week and no gym or equipment is needed. The program is designed to be progressive which means that people start at one level and can progress to more difficult levels. The Metabolic Prime program consist of 4 phases which allows beginners, intermediates and even people who are advanced to utilize the program in full.

Each phase presented in the Metabolic Prime program performs a unique function and Dr. Jade Teta designed it this way because performing these movements in phases produces faster and more consistent results across the board. Unlike many online workout programs Dr. Jade Teta provides individuals with different purchase options. People can either download the program, have physical DVD's shipped to the door or receive both of these options.

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Metabolic Prime comes with a Body Transformation Tracker, Workout Calendar, a Rapid Results Quick Star Guide, a 12 week metabolic meal plan course and Body-Sculpting Workouts. The 12 Week Metabolic Meals Plan is a complete eating plan to prime metabolism, burn fat and it does allow the individual to consume carbs. Dr. Jade Teta also provides people with a 60 day money back guarantee and the program is currently available at a discount for a limited time to celebrate the official release of Metabolic Prime to the public.

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