Metabolic Factor Review Reveals How To Stimulate Body Fat Eating Hormone In Less Than 10 Seconds A Day

Metabolic Factor is a breakthrough fat loss program for men and women 35 and older to kickstart their body fat eating hormone without crazy exercise routines or supplement.

Metabolic Factor is the newly released fat loss program created by Dr. Jonny Bowden for men and women 35 and older. This breakthrough program causes the body to use fats instead of carbs for energy. It also stimulates the production of a fat eating hormone which activates the body’s M.A.T. (Metabolically Active Tissue) which burns more calories than other tissues within the human body.

Dr. Jonny Bowden created the Metabolic Factor program for men and women struggling to see results and has helped over 250,000 people get rid of stubborn, unwanted fat using the methods outlined in his new program. The activation of this fat loss hormone is the primary benefit, but additional benefits include a reduction in the risk of heart attack, stroke, diabetes. relief from joint pain and improved cognitive functions.

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Metabolic Factor doesn't require any restrictively dieting, counting calories, cutting back fats or even reducing carbs. After Dr. Jonny Bowden developed the program it was tested on 250 of his clients for 22 days. The majority of the clients in this trial found their health was improved by about 30 percent. In terms of weight loss most of the clients lost 9.3 pounds. In addition they discovered more than 3 inches from their waist.

Unlike other programs designed for men and women with healthy metabolic responses Metabolic Factor was created for people who’s metabolic response doesn’t work as well. This is a normal process which occurs as people age and a mix of other factions. When the metabolic response doesn’t work as good as it used too stubborn fat sticks to the body like glue around the areas of the hips, belly, thighs and buttocks. Dr. Bowden refers to the as pocket obesity.

The fat-burning hormone which Metabolic Factor activates causes fat cells to literally pop open. Once the fat cell has been opened the fat within can now be utilized for energy. The body burns more calories converting fat into energy then converting carbs into energy. So this creates a massive fat burning cycle within the body which stays active all day and night. Combine this with the calorie burning potential of M.A.T. and the body begins to slim down quickly and consistent.

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Dr. Jonny Bowden, the author of Metabolic Factor has a Masters in Psychology and a Ph.D. in Nutrition Science. He also has acquired a number of other advanced exercise and nutrition certifications. Dr. Bowden has been featured on TV, Radio and is the author of a number of best selling books.

The fat burning hormone which makes all of this possible is called IGF-1. When this hormone is active it eats body fat, especially stubborn areas of fat. This hormone kicks the metabolic response into high gear and is triggered by eating specific foods which include carbs such as pasta, cereal and more. This must be done in a specific way which Metabolic Factor covers in depth.

The Metabolic Factor program comes with a number of different components. The first is the Metabolic Factor IG1-1 Booster Blueprint. This is the core of the program and reveals how the entire program works, the foods which stimulate the production of IGF-1and more. The second is a quick start guide, the third is a progress tracker, the fourth part of Metabolic Factor is 10-Minute Meals and the final part of the program is called Metabolic Motivation.

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In addition, Dr. Bowden also provides individuals with a number of free bonuses. The first is The Top 50 IGF-1 Trigger Foods, the second is 5 worst exercise mistakes that kill IGF-1 and destroy the metabolic response, the third is the world’s 7 most powerful IGF-1 booster supplements and the final Metabolic Factor bonus is weekly personal coaching calls from Dr. Bowden.

Metabolic Factor comes with two purchase options. Individuals can access it online or they can get a physical version shipped to their home along with instant digital access. The Metabolic Factor program also comes with a 60 day money back guarantee so individuals can try it risk free. Men and women under 35 won’t receive the same benefits as the program was tailored toward women and men with slowed metabolism. IGF-1 is a powerful fat burning hormone and can help to produce a healthier, slimmer body. The author, Dr. Jonny Bowden is also offering a limited time discount on the official website.

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