Metabolic Factor: Review of Dr. Bowden's IGF-1 Diet Blueprint Dissected

Dr. Jonny Bowden has released his diet blueprint, The Metabolic Factor. Kevin Daniels from Finality Health examines the 22 day plan.

After already having released several popular diet, detox and nutrition programs, Dr. Jonny Bowden still stands behind his latest, Metabolic Factor Blueprint. The diet program is based on advanced scientific studies and breakthroughs that have been proven to work in multiple studies. But because there are so many different programs being pushed by the media and other so-called "gurus" on the internet, Kevin Daniels reports on his findings while conducting a full review of Metabolic Factor.

"After having purchased the diet blueprint and getting the program from Dr. Bowden, one thing really stands out." reports Daneils. "Not only is the program thorough and well put together, but Dr. Bowden is a smart man and I see why so many of his clients have come forward with positive testimonials. His stuff works!"

Dr. Bowden's Metabolic Factor Blueprint is designed to deliver fast, noticeable results while still being considered a healthy approach to weight loss. Crash course diets have been proven over and over again to not work and in many cases to do more damage than good. By focusing on optimizing hormones and improving the five most important "pathways" to fat loss, Metabolic Factor lays out a 22 day plan designed to deliver results.

For more more on the five pathways and the program, click to read more.

There are two main plans within the program. One is called the "basic program" and one is the "advanced program." Both have been proven to deliver results and to work, but the advanced is simply designed for quicker results. Whichever direction one chooses to go, they can expect an upgraded metabolism that works for them instead of against them.

"I think it's natural for all of us to want the fastest results possible when considering a new diet plan." admits Daniels. "But what I like about The Metabolic Factor is that you can read it over and choose the one that's right for you. Honestly, the advanced is very similar to the basic and they're both based on the same principles so either way you can expect visible results in as little as 22 days."

For those interested, there is a full review of Metabolic Factor on Finality Health website.

The program is regularly listed at $97 but is currently being offered at a significant discount.

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