Metabolic Factor: Review Of Dr. Bowden's 22 Day Diet Blueprint Examined

Dr. Jonny Bowden's Metabolic Factor Blueprint has generated a lot of buzz online. In order to shed light on the 22 day diet and weight loss plan, Steven Wright examined his approach in-depth.

The Metabolic Factor Blueprint is Dr. Jonny Bowden's latest contribution to the health and weight loss industry. After having already successfully taught numerous individuals how to eat and live healthier lifestyles, Dr. Bowden has released this 22 day plan to help individuals get their metabolisms back on track and to get their hormones and body working with them, instead of against them.

As a way of helping interested individuals learn more about the program, Steven Wright with Healthiest Intentions has published a full review of Metabolic Factor and it's contents.

"There are so many different workout and weight loss programs being talked about that it can be hard to cut through all of the noise." says Wright. "I purchased the program and conducted a full review of it so that any who are interested in the details or whether or not it works could learn more."

The Metabolic Factor Blueprint is a diet and weight loss plan designed to last 22 days. It focuses on optimizing five very important "pathways" that help individuals lose weight in a healthy, yet somewhat rapid way. Although it's no secret what the pathways to sustained fat loss are, it can be quite confusing and difficult for some to get them working on their side.

To learn how to optimize these five pathways, visit Bowden's website here.

"When it comes to the five pathways outlined in the diet program, I've got to say that I'm most impressed with the information on proper nutrition." says Wright. "In my opinion, Dr. Bowden's plan is very smart in how he lets the dieter have plenty of carbs and makes breakfast, lunch and dinner easy and practical."

Dr. Bowden's blueprint helps individuals to focus on their nutrition, sleep, stress, exercise and even helps with detoxing the body for an optimal metabolism. For a full review of Metabolic Factor Bluleprint, visit Healthiest Intentions.

The price of the full program is listed on the website as $97 but is currently being offered for a significant discount.

Steven Wright is the owner/operator of Healthiest Intentions, a website dedicated to delivering quality information for those looking to improve their health.

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