Mentalizer Ehud Segev Announces Record Performances Planned This Year

Mentalizer Ehud Segev is scheduled to perform in major events this year.

The Mentalizer Education Foundation has revealed that Ehud Segev, its founder, will perform in major events this year. Ehud Segev is a world renowned Israeli performer, actor, and entertainer. Sometimes, his fans enthusiastically refer to him as a magician. Ehud has appeared on major Television networks in the US and worldwide, hosted mental-analyzer TV shows, performed and acted on numerous occasions. He travels the world, entertaining and performing at every chance.

Ehud’s story is an incredible one. He was born in the Israeli city of Safed, which is popularly known as the spiritual center of the Jewish world. Growing up in the 1980s, Ehud spent most of his time reading books on non-verbal communication, mind reading, and mysticism. According to information published on his official website,, the town’s librarian was alarmed to see such a young boy (then 12 years old), reading so many books on such cryptic topics. But Ehud’s mother was not, and gladly signed library permission forms to allow his son pursue what appeared to be a unique talent.

Ehud is known for his ability to connect to nature, analyze behavior, read minds and influence people. He attracted media spotlight at the teenage-age. At 19, he was able to predict successful candidates in an upcoming mayoral election. Although his abilities are often described as power and magic, Ehud insists that it’s all about the innate abilities of the human mind.

In the Internet, Ehud is known as The Mentalizer, which means ‘mental analyzer’. This title emanates from his abilities to analyze or decode people based on the situation they are facing. By using well-mastered secret knowledge on the inner workings of the mind, Ehud can be able to understand how people ‘read’ others. This knowledge, when acquired, can be an instrumental tool to help one gain more control over their own life. His secrets are often sought out by politicians, CEOs, managers, parents, teachers and other leaders who are keen to take charge of their life and enhance their mental influence powers. Ehud teaches people how to ‘mental analyze’ though his Mentalizer Education foundation, which has hundreds of thousands of followers from all over the world.

In recent times, Ehud performed in New Delhi, India’s Capital, during an event that brought together dignitaries from across the expansive country. Like most other of his endeavors, the performance was an uplifting event for attendants, attracting significant social media buzz and positive criticism in the city. Ehud is also slotted to perform in Boston, USA, and a number of other major cities across the world in the coming months. The Mentalizer appears to be one of the leading global voices in the world of ‘mental reading’. In addition to scoring TV appearances with major broadcasting companies across the world, including NBC. Ehud has been known, among many other things, to bend a spoon with his mind, and silently hear the thoughts of others.

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