Mentalist Ehud Segev Reveals 8 Interesting Facts About Love

Ehud Segev, a globally renowned Mentalizer, has revealed a series of interesting facts about love.

Mentalist Ehud Segev has published an interesting list of facts about love. This list was published on his official blog at Ehud periodically publishes insightful and helpful information for people who’re looking to learn mentalism and master the innate powers of the human mind. According to Ehud, love is a highly misunderstood emotion, despite being the most powerful force in the world. Ehud’s facts help shed light into this universal emotion, dispelling common misconceptions.

Ehud is a globally renowned mentalist who was born in the holy city of Safed in Israel. Safed is known as the spiritual headquarter of the Jewish world, something that perhaps contributed to the development of Ehud’s skills. By the time he was a boy growing up in Upper Galilee in the 1980’s, Ehud Segev was unlike most other children of his age. Rather than spend his time playing, he would go to the library and bury himself in books on mysticism, mind-reading, body language and other cryptic subjects. The local librarian was so amazed at what the young boy was reading that he required him to get his mother’s permission before he could be allowed to borrow books.

Today, Ehud is reputed for having a connection to the universe. He has appeared on major TV shows analyzing behavior, reading minds and influencing people. Although most fanatics refer to these skills as magic, Ehud is keen to insist otherwise. Apparently, his abilities are derived from the innate powers of the human mind. As a mentalist, Ehud has traveled the world and performed to audiences from all walks of life. When he was in his early youth, he scored an exclusive contract to entertain American troops located in faraway basis. He did the job so well that the Department of Homeland Security awarded him the EB-1 classification, an extraordinary feat that comes bundled with US citizenship, and that’s given to individuals who have excelled in their fields.

According to Ehud, love is a momentary feeling with a long-term state. He also goes on to elaborate the difference between love and lust. Ehud uses research to back up the fact that lasting relationships take time to build. When partners think positively about each other, their union grows stronger. Partners in lasting relationships also tend to empower and support each other’s growth. They are able to pursue shared experiences to improve themselves. Based on a study carried out for a period spanning 4 decades, the four key things that kill a relationship are criticism, being defensive, stonewalling and expressions of contempt (e.g. sarcasm). Other interesting facts that Ehud has highlighted are that love is healthy, love is contagious, and that love is not unconditional. Click here to read the entire article.

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