Members Own Health Funds Launch Online Comparison Tool For Member Led Health Insurance

Members Own Health Funds now has a comparison tool to help people find the best deal from non-profit, member led health funds, providing cheaper health insurance for all.

Not for profit and mutual health funds are becoming more common in Australia, as people seek alternatives to private healthcare companies that were created to benefit investors, instead of those taking out policies. Members Own Health Funds is a website that has been created to represent a number of mutual and not for profit health funds to showcase the difference they can make in people’s lives. The site has recently launched a comparison tool, to make it easier than ever for people to see the best health cover available to them, and realise how much they could save.

The comparison tool at helps people compare and contrast the coverage between the eighteen health funds that offer unique and different approaches to ensuring people’s health needs are met, in whatever circumstances they find themselves in.

The comparison tool takes details from the user that require just a few minutes to fill in, before using these details to get instant quotes from the available providers. The site then ranks these in terms of best value to the customer, weighing both price and coverage to identify the best deal for the least money.

A spokesperson for Members Own Health Funds explained, “Just because your private health fund is one of the big ones, it doesn’t mean their coverage is better or you get more back. Most Members Own funds have about as many -and in some cases more- arrangements with private hospitals than the big ‘for-profit’ brands. Members Own can bring about good, positive, results to health insurance, and most importantly to people’s pockets. The new comparison tool will make it easier than ever for people to see which of our eighteen available funds will be the best fit for their needs, getting better coverage, saving money and supporting a health insurance revolution.”

About Members Own Health Funds: Members Own Health Funds is a group of 18 like-minded not-for-profit and mutual Australian owned health funds that have come together to highlight that there are real alternatives to funds run solely in order to benefit investors and overseas owners. It features an online comparison engine to help people find the most suitable health insurance option for them from its available funds.

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