Melting Pot Keeps Dining Experience Interesting Through Menu of local Dishes with Original Twists

Melting Pot Restaurant DjiboutiPuts Focus on Serving Traditional Dishes Using Healthy Alternative Ingredients to Support the Local Cuisine

Melting Pot, a Djiboutian restaurant, is drawing a lot of attention for keeping customers’ dining experience interesting by serving local dishes with original twists. Its main difference from other restaurants is its use of healthy alternative ingredients in the traditional dishes in their menu. Among the dishes that they serve in the fusion cuisine are sushi, steaks, and some local dishes.

Many fans of sushi, seafood, steak, or any of the local foods in Djibouti have a positive experience with Melting Pot. The fusion restaurant is known to serve a menu designed to please even those with the most discerning palates. One of their specialties is camel meat, which they use in most popular dishes. They specifically serve Dromedary, a traditional dish in Djibouti as well as in general Somali culture.

The camel is a healthier alternative compared to beef meat, which is why Melting Pot Restaurant Djiboutichooses to use camel meat. They serve tasty meals using this meat with the imagination and creativity of their top chefs. In that regard, they prepare the Dromedary or Hilib Geel in tibs, teriyaki, on a sword in a metal spike called morning star, chateaubriand steak, or a burger.

These are unique dishes that give their guests different variations of the traditional dishes, but with twists that they will never find in other restaurants. At the same time, Melting Pot serves international classic French and japanese dishes prepared with local ingredients giving the choice to try from seafood to steak or sushi.

The ingredients they use are healthy alternatives since the livestock is of excellent quality coming from Somali and Ethiopia. The cattle and the camel are grass fed and 100% organic raised.

The seafood like tuna,king fish,lobster,octopus and calamari are all caught in the waters of Djibouti and arrive fresh or live to Melting Pot Restaurant Djibouti.

Besides serving customers at their onsite restaurant location, Melting Pot also offers orders online. The restaurant is indeed a nice place to relax . It has indoor and outdoor dining areas, as well as an outdoor bar where guests can enjoy looking at the beautiful Djibouti Sky while eating the best of Melting Pot’s Djibouti dishes.

About Melting Pot:
Melting Pot Restaurant Djibouti is one of the country’s best fusion restaurants. They serve a variety of dishes for anyone who seeks delicious foods from local cuisines that are bound to please. The restaurant serves clients in both indoor and outdoor dining styles. The restaurant specializes in local cuisine but also serves some international dishes.

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