Melhor Conselhos Publishes New Nutritional Advice and Guidance On Both Honey And Apple Water

Melhor Conselhos has created new articles covering the nutritional benefits of apple water, and how to ensure consumers are buying the best honey available for the best prices.

Nutritional advice and guidance is commonplace online, but so much of it is conflicting. Still more advice covers only the rarest and most expensive ingredients, inaccessible to ordinary people. Fortunately, Melhor Conselhos is an online resource center focused on offering practical advice for daily life, using ingredients everyone can access. The website has just been updated with a new suite of articles, including information on the health benefits of apple water, and a comprehensive buying guide to getting the best honey without paying through the nose.

The new article on apple water covers the nutritional benefits in apples themselves, together with the positives that cinnamon brings to the table, as well as the advantages of staying hydrated by drinking water. Combining all three of these benefits into a single, tasty drink helps manage lots of health-related issues effectively.

The buying guide for honey helps people to avoid many of the common pitfalls consumers fall into. The rise of fake or adulterated honey has led to several tests being developed to quickly establish a honey’s authenticity. These include lighting a match dipped in the honey, checking the consistency using a toothpick and more. With eight unique ways to identify authentic honey, consumers will be armed with all the knowledge they could need to make the right purchase.

A spokesperson for Melhor Conselhos explained, “We are pleased to be able to continue publishing invaluable articles like these. The content we create is necessary to help people get the best out of their daily nutrition, by making simple changes to their dietary habits. We aim to make it as easy as possible for people to make the changes and see the improvements they bring. This in turn should encourage more people to make lasting changes, and enjoy a healthier, happier life.”

About Melhor Conselhos: Melhor Conselhos is an online resource center providing complete and relevant nutritional and lifestyle information, free from jargon, to make healthier lifestyles more accessible to Brazilian people. With writers offering up expert insights and real research across several key areas, the site is able to offer the best health content in Brazil. Regularly updated and completely independent, they offer actionable advice for life.

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