Melbourne Rehabs Announces The Launch Of Their New Website

Addiction rates continue to rise in the country, making high quality rehabilitation programs of even more importance, reports

Melbourne Rehabs proudly announces the launch of their new Official Website, one designed to help clients obtain the information they need in the shortest period of time. Melbourne Rehabs strives to provide the means for every addict or alcoholic to have a choice among the highest standard and cutting-edge rehabilitation programs in the area without decimating their budget to obtain the help they need. As addiction remains a problem in the country, high quality care needs to be a top priority for all.

"Alcohol now kills more than 5,500 Australians every year and causes more than double the deaths than road accidents, according to Drug Info. Furthermore, it costs the nation more than $15 billion a year, yet alcohol taxes only generate $7 billion in revenue. The problem has become so pervasive that 26 percent of individuals in 2013 were a victim of some type of incident related to alcohol, with many of these involving verbal abuse," Zachary D. Carson, spokesperson for Melbourne Rehabs, stated.

Illicit drug use continues to rise in the country also, with 15 percent of Australians reporting they have used an illicit drug within the past year. Furthermore, more than 40 percent of the nation's residents age 14 or older state they have used at least one illicit drug in their lifetime. With so many individuals trying these substances, the need for rehabilitation centers is likely to increase in the coming years.

"With rehabilitation, individuals find they can reclaim their life and begin a new chapter, one that is happier and healthier. A comprehensive program must address both the physical and psychological components of the addiction, as a person must be willing to give up the drug, and willpower plays a role in this. Recovering from the addiction is hard, and the addict must be willing to accept this and obtain support from those around him or her," Carson continues.

Furthermore, the country is experiencing a rise in the non-medical use of pharmaceutical drugs, with almost five percent of Australians saying they misused a drug of this kind in 2013. The number of deaths from drug use continues to rise, and this includes pharmaceutical drugs. In fact, the problem has become so widespread that more individuals are now dying from drug overdoses than road accidents.

"Addicts need to know how to go about finding the right treatment facility for their needs. This includes examining the credentials of the facility and learning about whether they treat the specific type of addiction. Melbourne Rehabs is here to help with this process and the new website will make it easier for patients to obtain information. Furthermore, we provide information on Twitter at, as we want to make it easy for all to obtain help," Carson declares.

About Melbourne Rehabs:

Melbourne Rehabs operates with one goal in mind: to provide clients with the best available clinical and personal care when they are suffering from any type of chronic drug addiction, including alcohol addiction.

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