Meijimom Explains Preeclampsia is no longer a Problem for New Mother

Meijimom, known to be a popular name in the field of milk distributors in Vietnam, shares the risks and preventive measures to avoid Preeclampsia during pregnancy on its online platform.

Meijimom, one of the most famous milk distributors in Vietnam is a large platform that shares news and information to keep the expecting and nursing mothers in good health. The platform describes that the mothers do not have to worry about preeclampsia. It is a systematic syndrome that occurs in the last three months of pregnancy, i.e., from the 20th week of pregnancy. Preeclampsia mainly occurs with symptoms including hypertension, edema and proteinuria. However, these symptoms gradually vanish after six weeks of postpartum.

The experts from Meiji explain that the syndrome needs to be treated on time to avoid the potential risk to the mother and the baby. The complication that the mother can face may include but not limited to, heart disease or heart failure, dysfunction of the liver, acute pulmonary edema, retinal hemorrhage, brain hemorrhage, Eclampsia. In the case of Eclampsia, the consequences even lead to the death of the mother.

Other complications are retardation of fetal growth inside the uterus, the stillbirth of the fetus in the womb of the mother, premature birth and asphyxia after delivery. However, the mother can take several steps to prevent preeclampsia. These steps or preventive measures by mother to keep this medical condition at bay The preventive measures include controlling and managing the weight during pregnancy, limit the salt consumption (consume salt up to 6g a day), consume supplement foods that are high in calcium and vitamins, do not overwork and avoid stress.

Meiji song than, the milk distributor in Vietnam, has also mentioned some tips to limit the salt consumption. The experts from Meiji advise the expecting mothers to limit and if possible, completely avoid the processed food such as canned food, instant noodles, pickles, sausages, pickled tomatoes and more. The mothers also need to limit eating outside to control salt consumption. Instead of using salt, try adding fragrant ingredients or sour ingredients to the dishes, which makes them more interesting and covers the need for salt. The mothers need to be aware of their salt intake during pregnancy which should not exceed 6g/day and should be reduced to 2-3g/day in the last months.

The information is listed on their website under the category of “Nutrition for Pregnant Women”, where the readers can find a number of other health-related articles for pregnant women.

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