Meet Sally Launches New AI Powered Personal Assistant Named Sally

Schedule meetings and get organized with the new AI powered personal assistant Sally

Meet Sally, an all-new AI powered personal assistant named Sally was recently launched and is set to revolutionize the way modern people set appointments and stay organized. By 2025, it is estimated that AI (artificial intelligence) will be integrated into virtually every aspect of people’s day to day lives. Sally takes the scheduling power of a real person and combines it with the thought processes of Siri and Cortena to create an all-new, highly effective organizational tool businesses and individuals alike can benefit from.

“It is estimated that the average person wastes up to 4.8 hours each week scheduling meetings,” stated Meet Sally founder and CEO Vincent Jacques. “With the new Meeting scheduler app we have launched, this time can be recouped, allowing busy people to get more done and make the most of their time, every single day.”

Scheduling meetings each day is a time-consuming task. Finding a meeting time requires countless back and forth emails and phone calls, and last minute changes are inevitable. This is where Sally shines. Users simply cc Sally's email address on an email chain and the AI assistant will find a meeting time that works for everyone. Sally manages everything from sending out the initial calendar invite to managing any last minute changes in schedules.

Jacques continued, “Getting started with Sally is simple. We have outlined a six-step process that will allow you to begin using the innovative AI personal assistant right away. There’s no complicated technical jargon to learn and using Sally is as easy as sending an email. Our goal was to create an AI powered tool that everyone had access to and that was simple to use. We believe we have achieved that goal with Sally.”

The potential growth in the AI powered tools and resources is massive. More and more people and businesses are utilizing these tools to make their lives easier and get organized. According to a study from Pew Research Center, up to 54 percent of participants stated that AI powered assistants make their lives easier and this is a number that is just going up with the increased exposure offered by these tools. Sally represents the next generation of personal assistants that make scheduling meetings easier than ever before.


Meet Sally was founded in 2016 by developers who believed that the tediousness of scheduling meetings represented a huge drain on overall productivity. The company is extremely focused on simplifying meeting scheduling by using next-generation AI technology. Sally has the ability to manage complicated meetings, routine meetings and anything in between.

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