Meditation for Inner Peace & Self Mastery Website Introduces Himalayan Tradition

Himalayan Tradition System combines yoga and meditation with Vedanta Philosophy reports

Recent findings reported by the Yoga Journal and Livestrong Foundation showed that 15 million Americans practice Yoga. The report also revealed that the number is increasing at approximately 20% a year. In addition, "Psychology Today", findings indicated that about 10 million Americans are practicing some kind of meditation. Responding to the increased interest in these areas, The Meditation for Inner Peace and Self Mastery website now provides access to the Himalayan Tradition teachings. The ancient system includes Raja Yoga, the philosophy of Vedanta, and meditation.

A spokesperson for the site commented, "Our mission is to make known the teachings of the Himalayan Tradition, as handed down by a long lineage of Sages and Masters. Our system of teaching includes the scientific path of Raja Yoga and the philosophy of Vedanta; with roots in the ancient Tantric Tradition. Meditation is the key practice. The Himalayan Tradition dates back over 5000 years. The saints and sages of the Tradition dwelled mostly in the caves and monasteries of the Himalayan mountain ranges in northern India. The teachings were preserved and passed down from teacher to student in an unbroken succession."

The website guides students in learning the Himalayan Tradition via retreats, articles, blogs, audio/visual aids, and more. Meditation, Yoga, and the Vedanta philosophy form the core of the system. Students learn how to meditate, since this practice is considered the central practice of Yoga. The system also teaches that, on a practical level, meditation helps to organize the mind and emotions. It leads to greater self awareness and awareness of the world around us.

It is taught as a tool for self-therapy that helps uncover the subtle forces of the subconscious mind and remove obstacles to self development. Yoga is considered the unity of the body, breath and mind, and ultimately the spirit with the divine. However, Hatha Yoga can also improve posture, joint flexibility, strength, balance, concentration and emotional balance. Students learn tools that allow the body to sit comfortably in a steady meditative posture. Site users have the opportunity to study the Vedanta, which consists of specific texts referred to as the Upanishads. These are considered “revealed” text, which are concerned with the knowledge of Brahman, or ultimate reality. Students may learn with the help of a spiritual mentor, or guide.

"Meditation for Inner Peace and Self Mastery is a non for profit organization founded by people who are dedicated to the service and upliftment of humanity. The founding Board members are professionals in their fields, but volunteer their time to help and guide the organization," noted the organization's spokesperson.

About Mediation for Inner Peace and Self Mastery:
Meditation for Inner Peace and Self Mastery is an organization created by a group of professionals who wish to serve humanity. Through their website, they offer students the chance to learn and practice the Himalayan Tradition. This system includes Yoga, meditation, and the Vedanta philosophy. Site users can access informative articles, and blogs, and arrange personal spiritual mentoring.

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