Medicana Health Group invested in smart technologies to enhance its patient care model

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Medicana of Türkiye is pioneering a strikingly tech-focused patient-centred approach at the core of which is a deep commitment to fully understanding and addressing patients' needs and requirements. By investing in smart tech, the health group tailors each patient's experience to their specific needs.

In an era where technology and digitalization are reshaping industries, leading multidisciplinary healthcare provider Medicana Health Group has embraced advancements such as telemedicine, wearable devices, artificial intelligence, and genomics to enhance its patient care model. 

The vast amounts of data generated are fed back into Medicana’s systems to daily operational processes to achieve improved patient experience and outcomes, increased delivery excellence, and to raise population awareness on healthcare. 

Executed through active listening and personalized attention at every stage of the patient’s journey from the initial consultation to post-treatment care, ensures that each patient’s experience is meticulously planned and tailored to their specific needs.

Technology and digitalization for providing improved, patient-centred care 

Growing at a CAGR of 15.8% starting from 2024, the global healthcare IT market is poised to reach USD 1,834.3 billion by 2030, according the Grand View Research’s market analysis report.

By making IT investment and digitizing various services, Medicana Health Group offers online consultations, real-time appointment scheduling, and instant access to medical records and test results, all without the wait times typically associated with healthcare services. Additionally, the Group’s digital initiatives include seamless online payment systems, expedited online prescription services, and immediate access to laboratory and imaging results. 

Medicana Health Group also provides innovative services like online medical second opinions for surgical operations and comprehensive online physical therapy and rehabilitation programs, supported by AI technology. These digital offerings extend to online home care services, encompassing a range of training from baby care to elderly care, ensuring continuous and accessible healthcare support for all life stages.

Commitment to environmental sustainability and SDG 3

“Digital transformation facilitates quicker, more targeted, and cost-effective patient outcomes, significantly contributing to the betterment of society and aligning with the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goal 3 (SDG 3), which focuses on ensuring healthy lives and promoting well-being at all ages. In tandem with these efforts, our commitment to environmental sustainability, evident in our adoption of eco-friendly practices across our operations—from utilizing green energy like wind and solar to implementing paperless hospital systems—further underscores the belief that a healthy planet is foundational to sustaining healthy populations,” said Reha Özkaya, Member of the Board at Medicana Health Group.

Values-based care drives success in patient experience and outcomes

Patient-centred care at Medicana goes beyond just medical treatment; it involves a holistic understanding of patient needs, encompassing both physical and emotional well-being. It means involving patients in decision-making processes, providing them with personalized care plans, and ensuring that their journey through the healthcare system is smooth, transparent, and empowering.

Addressing the needs of an aging population and home-based care initiatives are key aspects of Medicana’s approach. The group offers a comprehensive range of services tailored to elderly patients, including home-based post-operative treatments, follow-up care through telemedicine, and remote monitoring. These services not only provide comfort and convenience but also ensure continued and effective management of health conditions, vital for the aging demographic.

Medicana Health Group runs a network of 16 hospitals located in 7 key cities throughout Türkiye with a diverse patient base, which includes over 5.5 million individuals annually from the country as well as around the globe.

About Medicana Health Group

Since its inception in 1992, Medicana Healthcare Group has been at the forefront of delivering exceptional healthcare services, with a steadfast commitment to patient satisfaction and unparalleled service in the sector. The group proudly runs a network of 16 hospitals located in 7 key cities throughout Türkiye, including major urban centres such as İstanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Konya, Samsun, Sivas, and Bursa.

Medicana's medical expertise spans a wide array of specialties, offering state-of-the-art services in fields such as Oncology, Surgical Oncology, Organ and Bone Marrow Transplantation, Neurosurgery, In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), Genetics, Cardiovascular Surgery, Orthopaedics and Traumatology, and Obesity Surgery.

At the heart of Medicana Healthcare Group's operations is a multidisciplinary approach, supported by a dedicated team of expert physicians, nurses, and healthcare professionals. This approach ensures the provision of top-tier healthcare services to a diverse patient base, which includes over 5.5 million individuals annually from Türkiye and around the globe. In doing so, Medicana upholds the highest international standards of healthcare, cementing its position as a global leader in the medical field.

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Name: Reha Özkaya
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Organization: Medicana Health Group
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